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Re: I did not receive my Feb 2009 DIGIT MAGAZINE.

Try this http://www.thinkdigit.com/changemail.php

Hi Digit Team,

I wanted to change the ADDRESS of my DIGIT MAGAZINE Subscription & also I did not receive the FEBRUARY-2009 Magazine till now & I have been trying to send an E-mail to " help@jasubhai.com & circulation_logistics@jasubhai.com " since 20 Days, but in Vain, both the E-mail IDs are replying with a MAILER-DAEMON Error.

Please help me with this. Please tell me whom I should send an E-mail to change my ADDRESS for my DIGIT MAGAZINE Subscription.

RSVP asap & aeap.
Uma Kanth.


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Re: I did not receive my Feb 2009 DIGIT MAGAZINE.

Hi Cyberjunkie,

I have just now Updated my Address in the Link U provided above & also "REPORTED MISSING" Magazine...Let me hope that DIGIT team sends the Magazine ASAP...

Thanx anyhow.
- Uma Kanth.


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Hello cyberjunkie,

I am Anand Sharan from Goregaon-East, Mumbai.

My Transaction Id is: DGT-11c0101000

Well, i recently subscribed to Digit (in the month of Feb, 2009) for the mag subscription for 1 year, made payment via online mode (SBI Debit card), the amount (of Rs.1600/- for 1 year subscription) has been withdrawn from my SBI account,

But, I just wanted to knw wen will the March 2009 issue will reach me, considering that i subscribed to Digit Mag in Feb, 2009, so i think my subscription shud start from MArch 2009,

I hv written an email to ---> help@thinkdigit.com on 3rd of March asking wen will the subscription start, but no reply from ur team's side.. :(

I hope to get a reply here..and also,
Is my subscription activated, so that i get my 1st copy of my subscription in March 09 ?? .... :)

Cheers n e-peace....


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hey digit
i am a big computer freak and Programmer(i am just 15 years old)
this started when i first started reading chip magazine but when i switched to digit it was like monthly nutrition for me i used to love your take a crack and tips &tricks section but since 3 or 4 months (i didnt get to read your dec issue it was sold out as i m not a subscriber i buy it monthly) you have reduced articles on softwares ,new websites and softwares on the DVD, CD though i like your distributing Linux distro's but still something is missing. i think you should revive your Take A Crack section and get more software reviews. Thanks to you i m shifting to linux (but i need xubuntu so send u in the by demand forum) i think you should build your dvd compatible for Linux and osX
as well. There was some error on you magazine cover this month(march) under the gaming on the back side of the plastic cover you had given the games under create and games creation software under Games Section.
i hope and pray that you keep up the good work and keep on giving such wonderful magazines and CD/DVD's.



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720P HD trailers please

my monitor supports 1680*1050, so it cant play full HD vids, how many of them in India can play full HD on monitors? 2% of digit subscribers? so i request to include 720P which can be played in most monitors.
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This thread is for readers of Digit to give us suggestions of what you would like to read more about in Digit, or what you think should change, both in the magazine as well as the discs.
Any suggestions are welcome, but please understand that we're not going to be implementing all of them¡ªat least not the ridiculous ones! :)
No bashing or comparisons to other mags please! And no talking about particular issues, this is just a general suggestion box about sections you feel should be added or removed and why. Remember, the WHY is very important for us and others to understand the logic behind your suggestions.
Members and Team Digit are free to agree or disagree with you here, so don't start flame wars... opinions not arguements please!
please try to include webaroo web pack of digit forums


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I would like to u 2 use a bit more good quality paper becoz - "the touch" and the feeling does matter...............
And me and my friends who are a regular buyer of didgit would be delighted if u include more of mobile stuff like softwares and other cool stuffs.............


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Plz add more hardware reviews and information,and keep on updating the latest careers and where to find the job in that field.....and if you add the payment thing also then i will be grateful to you.


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Thanks for the AJAX and PHP fastracks.

I finished reading the PHP one and now AJAX is almost in the verge of its finish.
I really liked the "teaching by example" method. Good work done in initiating the readers to web technologies.

I hope you give fast track to ASP.NET also.
The other topics can be:

1. Silverlight
2. Flex

I got an idea....why not fast track to FIREFOX ADD ONS - How to create.
That would be creative and wonderful. I have learnt some about this topic and is easy and will be good to the readers too.


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Atricles on Network Security from scatch is wat I want.

N plz plz plz re-include the DVD Archive. If possible add the archive in forum too...tat'll a gr8 add-on.


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More & lengthy game reviews like the Chronicles of Riddick you reviewed this anniversary. The best issue till date was December 2008. Awesome issue! The rest was...mmm....pretty OK.


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The robotic n astronomy videos r jst gr8!!!!!!
continue wid dem n if u cn some more topics wud be even gr8!!!!

Keep up d gud wrk!!

techo dude

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Tech jargon and info @ Digit magazine.

Help and support, DIY and regular tech on the go at think
digit forum.


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You guys have improved the binding, it feels good to see DIGIT improving by a lot! Anyway, the only drawback is that you guys make too much spelling mistakes, spacing between the words, we can't accept that. Please do something. My friends tell me "DIGIT is not having international class" :(
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