1. A

    Urgent 3 phase ups Required

    Hi everyone, Please help me choose a 3 phase ups for my workplace. The requirement is 20kva or 25kva at max. We are contemplating between apc and Emerson please help me understand what is best for me. The load is roughly 15 kva excluding the centralised aircon. Thanks Aby
  2. anarchy0x

    Will these games run o na 32 bit OS?

    Resident Evil 6 Fifa 2014 ..I understand that FIfa 2015 won't
  3. M

    Icc world cup 2015

    Hello friends this time of starting world cup. But I'm personally feel this indian team not going to creck first round A selection of Indian cricket team is seem totally wrong they not selected zahir khan as he is one who are played important roll in world cup2011 and experience is...
  4. A

    Office Networking

    Hi, I have a family business in which we have a present setup with a server and individual computers for each user. Reading the article in this month issue, and in general was pondering over a few questions: A. thin client/ zero client based setup. B. Cloud computing. we have a...
  5. T

    Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) has it been introduced to India??

    I am scratching my head to understand the same....
  6. Anorion

    Humans not smarter than animals

    Humans not smarter than animals: experts - Indian Express Mobile
  7. T

    7660G vs 7660G+7670M CF

    hi guys i have a HP G6 2313AX which has a A10 4600M 6GB 1600Mhz RAM n 7670M 2GB DDR3 GPU now my question is i have being gaming on this lappy for a few months now but i cant understand one thing whenever i enable CF i get a FPS drop instead of a boost i dont get it i should get atleast a 30 to...
  8. bestpain

    I am not able to understand docomo

    I AM NOT ABLE TO UNDERSTAND DOCOMO AD.. one of their add was "wind in my hair" facebook post ....and latest add is that docomo theme is played in background and the actors seem to fear something......... bahut gussa aata hai dekh kar....
  9. A

    HD7750 in Kolkata???

    I wish to know some shop names which sell HD7750 @ 6.2K - 6.5K . I considered buying from flipkart but they seem to be overpriced. I found few threads at Digit regarding the topic but I am not a resident of Kolkata so I couldn't understand a thing. What I need is some specific shop names and...
  10. windchimes

    On Using Google Analytics

    Hi guys, I am not running any web portal of my own and don't have a blog as well. But I need to work on Google Analytics to understand the same. Is there any way I can gain access to understand the traffic and other details of a portal which isn't my own. Or are there any chosen free made...
  11. R

    Understanding Economics the most easiest way

    Hey guys! This friend of mine is in trouble as of late - with Economics. Can you guys recommend the most easiest book with which he can learn economics - specially in Indian context? I'm sure there are many out there who have trouble understanding basic economics regardless of the age. I...
  12. ghantaukay

    Why Reliance 3G netconnect is not listed in Ubuntu 9.04?

    I installed Ubuntu 9.04 on my netbook but there is no sound....neither can I connect my Reliance #G dongle to access the internet as it is not in the list. I am a linux newbie and I dont understand all those geeky languages you encounter in help forums. Can someone help me out here?
  13. P

    Webinar- IBM DB2 10 technology, 21st Sep, 3.30 PM-4.30 PM

    Hi, We are conducting a webinar on DB2 technology. This session will enable you to: Understand what DB2 10 database software is all about Know the reliability it provides on a choice of platform from Linux, Unix and Windows to z/OS Scale the exciting and powerful new features of the latest...
  14. B


    Hey guys, I am looking for a decent drawing tablet like wacom etc. under 20k. I find it hard to work with a mouse so i chose this, but, i cannot afford to pay much so i am asking for your advice on this. Mainly work related to art and some animation and 3D. I also want to know if i can hook...
  15. theserpent

    Need help understanding SX150

    Got sx150 i cant understand how to use it. :/
  16. R

    cyanogenmod on s2

    Can any1 give me a guide on how to root and install cyanogenmod Rom on my galaxy s2. Can i backup apps and continue progress from where i last stopped? I understand the risks of rooting but battery life sucks. So please suggest an alternative to cyanogenmod for better battery life.
  17. G

    Ubuntu is slow ??

    I recently installed Ubuntu 12.04 alongside Windows XP , and unlike what i thought of it, Ubuntu is quite slow and has bugs. I didn't expect these normal bugs from this Open Source OS. Like after clicking on any icon in the Dock, it doesn't open and i click it two times then two copies of the...
  18. ankit.kumar010203

    What Is Devworx?

    Can You Tell Me About Devworx?:-?:-? Every Month I Get One Seperate Book Of DEVWORX From DIGIT MAGAZINE....I Don't Understand The Single Word Of That Book..!!
  19. L

    Stratched or broken screen?

    Hey guys i have c6-01 and i dropped it from 1.70 meters last week. I am gonna change LCD screen or Digitizer but i don't understand which one is the stratched/broken part? How can i understand that? These are the photos:
  20. icebags

    Does your XBOX controller behave like this ?

    Just bought one xbox controller after hearing so many good things about it. But weirdly enough, it came with a faulty button and loose analog sticks. The shop replaced it, but the replaced one I got has same issue with analog sticks - they don't home / idle at the center point. See the video...
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