1. bad_till_bones

    HDMI cable - Male to Male - 10M

    Hi Friends, Need a 10M Male to Male HDMI cable to connect my Tata Sky box to my LED TV in the other room. Actually tryig to run two TV's via one setup box. Please suggest a good and reliable cable.... Cheers.
  2. V

    Amplifier for Set Top Box

    Hi, I recently bought a Philips TV but it doesn't have a headphone jack. So to use a headphone, I have to directly connect it to the Set Top Box via an RCA Male to Aux Female cable. I can hear properly but the volume isn't too loud, despite setting the volume of the STB to the highest. The...
  3. GhorMaanas

    [For Sale] MSI N580GTX Lightning

    URL: Source & Time of purchase - Primeabgb, Mumbai, Aug/Sept 2011 Condition - 3/5 Reason for sale - Have upgraded Price - SOLD the GPU has seen minimal use. and was kept in the box for past more than an year. box & accessories are...
  4. F

    Connect two 3.5mm devices to single speaker with 3.5mm input

    Hi all, I want to connect my DTH box audio output (aux 3.5mm output) and my PC audio output (line out 3.5mm) to Samsung 2.1 speakers which have 3.5mm stereo in port. Please tell me if there is any type of selector box available which can be used for switching between DTH and PC output...
  5. Tenida

    Android TV box or chromecast for TV?

    I bought a new non-smart Sanyo 43'' Inch TV recently from Amazon. And now I want to cast the digital content to the TV like youtube and other stuffs. Is the Google Chromecast 2 is a worthy buy? Or any good android TV box is available? Please suggest.
  6. S

    need help on buying an android box!

    apologies for any mistakes as this would be my first post here! I own a 32" samsung LED tv at my flat and as i am a student i didnt get a cable connection but was just using it to watch movies stores on flash drives. now I have a wifi connection at my place and so i would like to buy an...
  7. Skyh3ck

    Full HD TV + Android Smart TV Box for Music, Videos and Light Game --- Need Suggestion

    Hello Guys The summer is on and school will close soon, I have two kids age 9 and 5, we never had TV in home ever, even i grew up without TV. We only bought second TV just to watch Cricket World Cups and once its over, it was sold again, this continued every time. Now I wish to have a Full HD...
  8. Knight2A4

    Script to automate file transfer from my seed box to my local drive

    Hello Everyone, I would require some help in writing a script to Automatically Backup files some remote sever to local drive over ftp. O.K am a mech. And being trying to find a way to automate file transfer from my seed box to my local drive. By googling I reached to this article how to...
  9. TechnoBOY

    ParrotSec OS Review,Great alternative for kali

    I think, will throw Kali Linux out of business when it comes to hacking from a desktop PC or a laptop/notebook. That operating system is called Parrot Security OS, or "ParrotSec" for short. While I still like Kali for ARM environments (like the Raspberry Pi) or as a chroot OS on my Android...
  10. sainath

    Used I5 3340 Vs Fx 6300 Plz Help.

    Hi, I am in dilemma plz solve my issue. Actually I am having Intel Pentium G2020+h61m MB. It is giving bottleneck to my GTX 660 2GB while playing GTA 5 (even at low - medium settings at 1080p). I am getting second hand i5 3340 for Rs. 6.5k (without any bill, box and fan) and FX-6300+GA-78LMT MB...
  11. S

    [Complaint] Poor Service From MI

    Received an empty box from MI.
  12. dashing.sujay

    [Query] WD HDD pick up: How to pack ?

    I just created a RMA ticket and my pick up is scheduled for day after. It says to pack it in a plastic box. Now from where the hell shall I bring such box ? The original ext HDD box is no where to be found. So what are my options guys ? And how strict any company or WD in particular is about...
  13. Ricky

    Windows 8.1 genuine pack verification

    I need genuine windows 8.1 pack, I searched online and found that mostly 8.1 is available in range of 7K-8K on site like FK , SD or amazon. However in one of the local store, he is offering it for 4.2K, he is insisting its sealed windows 8.1 pro box and once opened, can't be returned...
  14. adityak469

    Alcatel Onetouch Fire C

    Alcatel Onetouch Fire C (Review In Progress) So FireOS hit the Indian market with the first phone being Alcatel OneTouch FIre C(?). I needed a phone withing a super low budget and guess what, found the FireC and bought it. So here's a Review which will be updated. The Specs (copied from FK)...
  15. G

    Unboxing Gigabyte GA-X99-UD5 Wifi Motherboard

    GIGABYTE X99-UD5 WIFI Front view of the box Back side view of the box Front Peek-in Window Accessories in the box The motherboard Rear I/O Panel SATA Ports, SATA Express Ports, SATA Power M.2 SATA & M.2 WIFI Extra space for safer...
  16. sandynator

    Suggestions required for rewiring of MTNL Telephone line with ADSL Broadband

    Hello guys, Recently faced some noise issue through my MTNL telephone line when it rained heavily & some frequent disconnections in my broadband too. So I have decided to replace the old wire line which comes to my home from MTNL Box. One of the MTNL customer care personal suggested me to...
  17. tkin

    [Complaint] Logitech G105 Serial no. mismatch

    Hi guys, I just bought a Logitech G105 from a reputed shop in Kolkata(will not share the name now, don't want to make early conclusions). Now, the keyboard was in a sealed pack. It's imported by Rashi. Now the funny thing is that the Serial no. on the box and on the back of the keyboard are not...
  18. Cyberghost

    AMD re-release their 5GHz FX processor with bonus watercooling

    If you purchase a brand new processor from Intel or AMD then it typically comes with a stock heatsink and fan in the box. This is more than adequate for cooling if you don’t intend on overclocking the chip and silent running isn’t a concern. AMD is bucking that trend, though, and shipping a new...
  19. N

    Make your own passive laptop cooler.

    So my laptop was going too high during long gaming sessions (~81 C). Finally I decided to make laptop cooler and here it is... This will be completely free!!! Zero investments except half hour of your time. Steps for making laptop cooler from scrap box. Get old laptop box Look at the...
  20. avichandana20000

    External hard disk cooler diy version 1

    My "My passport" is getting hot in this rainless season of 42 degrees. So thought of buying a cooler for it. Accordingly searched in Google but the result cannot satisfy me. So ,finally made cooler all by myself. Requirements: THE BOX ANY 120MM FAN WITH GOOD CFM. I...
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