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This thread is for readers of Digit to give us suggestions of what you would like to read more about in Digit, or what you think should change, both in the magazine as well as the discs.

Any suggestions are welcome, but please understand that we're not going to be implementing all of them—at least not the ridiculous ones! :)

No bashing or comparisons to other mags please! And no talking about particular issues, this is just a general suggestion box about sections you feel should be added or removed and why. Remember, the WHY is very important for us and others to understand the logic behind your suggestions.

Members and Team Digit are free to agree or disagree with you here, so don't start flame wars... opinions not arguements please!



Finally, :p

Ok here's my wish list.

Please try to add more articles on internet and try to work in this field.
Start a whole new sections in which you review websites.
The present one is only 3 Small Boxes with some details.
Make it 10! And a whole page on it!


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The software that are given are mostly old version.Plz try to give the latest version of the softwares. Then the DIGIT PDF's that are given are not of the recent past.We want the previous 12 months PDF in every issue.


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Frist thing to sugest, see your website

I cant understand, you people are so great then also doing such things.

Improve it at least add a collumn of A list and Gold and silver award winner list of all time i mean zero1 award winners list.
Your product review column.

Hey i dont need to tell you WHY you all better understand.


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Put less ads.Thats the only thing I want. And use good quality paper. Ok Thats another thing. So i want 2 things frm u ppl.

Vishal Gupta

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Include 1 REVIEW from this forum in every DIGIT edition. The review can be either of ne software or mobile or nething! We can also include TUTORIALS.

It'll attract more readers coz all computer users loves to get information and new tips-n-tricks. It'll also increase forum members!


Well! you see, if you can add the followings sections it would be very nice for the mag readers and for your circulation increase.

SECTIONS to be added:


What will be in this section or say what i would like you to put in this section is, you ought to interview someone from the TECH world and not just some filmstar and all who just uses a one or more tech products.

So, basically, you would be interviews some one like for example the IT Minister, and ask him question on the present day Scenario and his vision to see India in the next 5 to 10 years.

You can also interviews people like Infosys chairman, etc, IT ministers and tech related people who visit India.

Well! How about an interview with Bill Gates ?


Well! This section would be as simple as its name, yes ask the READERs to write article on tech, and publish it if it fits with the profile of the mag. Would be nice.

3. Put some special SECTIONS towards OFFICE SERVERS , tip -N -tricks, installation bugs, BEST way to run this servers and software / hardware which runs them, put everything about SERVERS in here.

This is a much needed SECTION, since, both desktop and OFFICE CEOs/CTOs/CIOs/MDs etc will directly look into it and hopefully, your mag will reach to different section of people who are tech, tech, tech... OFFICE Managers, Adminstrators, etc.

4. And yes put some CARTOON SECTION as well, put some fun cartoon of bill gates and IT ministers and the like, but make stories out of it like NDTV does (This is not a comparision, put your own ideas and imagination)

Hope raaabo is listening.


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Start a GNU/Linux Section! :D

Reduce the Ads! :|

Improve the content.. :)

Focus on Current Technologies..

Stop Giving the same version of Software Everymonth.. Except the essential one's like winzip etc..

Start a IT Careers Section. :)

Reduce the price ;)


Right off the assembly line

Hi I am new to this forum but reading digit since last 5 months
really great book i have got vast knowledge






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Just many takers for development/programming related stuff? Nothing too hardcore, just material to get a newbie started and on his way.

Note that I'm NOT promising anything.


nimish said:
Just many takers for development/programming related stuff? Nothing too hardcore, just material to get a newbie started and on his way.

Note that I'm NOT promising anything.
I will be intrested i guess most of us will be if it helps both newbies and advanced guys


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Give 2 dvds. the cd days are almost gone 8) 8)

Also avoid screw-ups like u did this time to me by giving 2 same cds and no dvd :cry: :cry: :( :( :evil: :evil:


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hey this to the digit team
i am a subscriber of digit magazine.
i would like to suggest u that pls give us dvd and cd in dvd box that paper cover is tacky thing. I am ready to pay extra money for that, do something.


Digit Magazine or CD doesnt contain any programming code eg. some good VB or ASP code, by which small or newbie programmers can benefit. I would suggest u includde some sample or working programming code so that new programmers can try some new things.
I would also suggest to add a column in CD version for code supplied for digit users. There are somany users who r interested in sending their codes, so that others can see their code also they can be benefitted by others code/ideas.

Hope u will think on this and do some help for small programmers like us.


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Please Raaabo can u give the detailed price list of all the Intel and AMD processors. We get the prices of other stuff from your reviews but not so in case of processors.


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There is no doubt that Digit is one of the best tech magazine, and forum is also very good.

One regular section in magazine for programming tutorials like Visual Basic, VC++ etc will be
cherry on cake. And please include some source code in CD/DVD regularly, readers also can
contribute for the same.

No one can satisfy expactations of all the readers, but Digit CD/DVD contents is always better than other.


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Please give some serious thoughts to these suggestions that I am going to give you.

1. You guys need to improve the quality of the articles you carry on your magazine. Rather than technical news give technical 'how-it-works', 'what-is-it' type of articles.

2. Please do away with sections like "One silly question", "Genders Benders" etc. They are totally useless. From where do you get hold of these boys and gals? From the streets?

Also remove these:
#Old way, Tech way....useless section.
#30 days with.... another useless one. Why do we need to know someone's personal diary. Topics which are not related to technology should not be there in the mag.

3. Provide workshop articles. Both hardware and software. I would like to see software workshop of atleast one s/w every month, particularly the s/w carried on the CD/DVD of that issue.

4. Provide more software reviews.

5. Please hire a different cartoonist. The cartoons by Harsho Mohan Chattoraj are really ugly. Instead of carttons why dont you give some artistic drawings. Computer graphics will do but not cartoons please.


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I disagree with blackpearl at some points. What I feel is the sections such as One Silly
Question , Gender Bender , Old Way Tech Way , 30 Days With... , are somewhat
important , though not essential, because we read them after reading a tech-heavy
article to ease the pressure on our BRAIN-RAM. Though the section Gender Bender can have more difficult challenges than the present ones.

Well , this is my personal opinion,to keep the sections. this should not arise
any conflict with blackpearl :)

I would like to see articles on career in IT and ITES field , as I would help the largest segment of DIGIT readers , who are technical students. As requested above you can reduce ADs , and instead give sponsered articles on higher studies in technology field.
Thats all.


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I am not trying yo be geeky, nor am I showing that I'm an amateur, but I'd like to know a lot more about hardware, overclocking, how they cause burnouts and all that stuff. Inclusion of more Tips and Tricks than usual would be damn good !
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