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more articles on tweaking are always welcome (plz improve ur level with tweaking stuff)....n abt dvds , how abt givin a full version game as a gift 4 2007 (not freeware..i mean real stuff like simcity 4) ..i know the latter may sound impossible but we readers luv easter surprises


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Its been a long time since you have provided any good Linux distro. Please include Ubuntu 7.04 soon.


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i have subscribed for 3 year and there was a free gift Camera.

i havnt got it yet now. You said you will give a 1GB pendrive for camera. i dint get it too.

i dint get my may subscription till now.

what is the big deal ?


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plz plz plz ........ give us [subscribers] THE MAG on 1-4th of every month .......

its pretty frustrating ........ my neighbour gets it FIRST from local vendor & me being a sub. have 2 wait till 12th of every month ........

improve ur service ppl .......... & mail alerts have been STOPPED 2 ........


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hey could u teach all the customer care guys and all those who tske the phone to speak and interact in english freely..........bcoz i dont understand hindi and the guys who pick the phone cant talk plain english............i hav to wait till sum one whu knows to talk engish picks the pone..its embarassing tht u guys whorelease the mag in eng cant teach ur fellows english!!!!!!!!!!!


Cool as a CUCUMBAR ! ! !
WHERE IS THE MAG ?????? ................. only on STANDS .............


increase ur RAM ......... think ur all r using 1mb RAM = where 80 GB RAM needed ..........

HOPE U GET MY POINT ................. sorry 4 harsh words bt u all made me write this .............

PS : isnt SORRY a great word by PHIRANGEES [britishers] ........


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^^i agree, the front covers cause a lot of problem. also pls give some game posters once in a while. also pc game reviews have become very few. due to reviews of psp and ps2 games, fewer p games are reviewed each month. plz review more of them and give slightly longer reviews (instead of the half page ones)

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We can have a section for Indian Webmasters in Bazaar where all website owners can deal and do loads of things...It will be a great attraction...


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Hi Raaaaabooooooooo
I got an idea u can say its a brilliant one.
why dont u people start polling about thr quality of mag & the media
thus u cud know what readers think about digit
i shall rate this mag 1.5 in 10
& most of the readers will agree with that the quality of ur mag is going down like a LAUNCHPAD LANDING
u really need to work hard to improve ur mag
may the poll starts as soon as possible*

* if u people dare to listen truth


Digit has to really come forward with a solution to all our dalay queries....
I'm a subscriber in Chennai and I got this month's mag on 21 st...when it was on nearby stands on 3rd (perhaps even earlier) of the month
Well, early for the next month, right???


Plz Can I Get My Mag Atleast In A First Week ( Subscribers )

Ur Customer HELP LINE IS ................ no words ....................big ****

I complained About My Faulty Dual Layer Dvd .

And No Answer

I Send 5 Letters And Then I Got My Dual Layer Dvd That Too On 27 Of The Month .

And This Is bullshit

Plz Improve Ur Services That Is ...............


i want only the magazine for 50 Rs or less i can't afford it else at 125 RS
i dont want any DVD's or BD's or HD DVD or whatever


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Please Dont Include Linux software in source package(.bz2 etc),it wont do any good but some confused n00b's trying this expecting windows like installshield but seeing source!.so pls stop including Linux softwares as source or even Linux softwares itself except may be realplayer,picasaweb,google earth etc in .bin format.
Include A Distro each time if possible :D

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aks_win said:
i want only the magazine for 50 Rs or less i can't afford it else at 125 RS
i dont want any DVD's or BD's or HD DVD or whatever
If they start giving separate magazine, then I'll surely subscribe for it. ;)
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