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Movies Discussion Thread V1: Ratings and Opinions


Which guy ? Leo's Character was just asking the same question to audience as he asked it earlier in the movie ... the movie closed showing audience's faces , that was to reflect the faces or the thinking of the audience watching the move . And BTW the person who introduces Leonardo in the end scene was actually the guy Leo was playing .
wow never knew the guy was playing leo's role....
at the very end when
leo asks each person to sell him the pen...the camera zooms out and one person really stands out looking kinda sad, i tohught he was someone important...
this guys
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The Exorcist - 6/10

Had heard a lot about it. Maybe it was scary at the time it was released but by today's standards it's a pretty average movie.


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Watched The Hunger Games: Catching Fire- 8.5/10 .... Way better than the first , I did not like the first one but this one was on another level , It just seem to flow better and was more interesting . It was better directed also the screenplay was better . There is now a slight chance I might watch Mockingjay in theatres .. :p
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