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Jan 29, 1983 (Age: 34)

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Viewing thread core i7 3770 + DDR 4, Oct 17, 2017 at 11:20 AM
    1. 007
      Whats your battletag bro?
      1. ssb1551
        I am still installing the game dude. Its so frigging slow. I though buying the disc will save me time from downloading the game but the game is downloading like 6GB. Still 2.9GB left :(. Battletag is ssb155lotr
        Jul 22, 2017
      2. ssb1551
        I think I have replied in the correct window. I aint used to reply on profile. I thought this was a PM hehe
        Jul 22, 2017
    2. saswat23
      That's great then!
    3. saswat23
      The cheapest price for motherboard (MSI B150M Mortar) I found was 8.2k (md computers), but its not in stock now. Ideally, shipping would have cost around 200-300 bucks, so, its somewhat same as the price in amazon.
      How much did shipping cost you for each item?
    4. saswat23
      Yes, processor price is almost same here.
      Other than Gigabyte and MSI, no brands are available here and both are a bit costly. I have order MSI B150 Mortar from amazon, not sure about its service center here. Hope its works without any issues :D
    5. saswat23
      Hi buddy! What's up? ;)
      Could you give me the price of the components you recently upgraded to! I am thinking of upgrading my system as well!
    6. drauheru
      Hey planning to buy the ASRock mobo you suggested along with the zotac GPU...just wanted to know how it performs....are you facing any issues with your new setup....thanks in advance:)
    7. saswat23
      Why do you reply so early! LoL :D.
      BTW college has started, just busy with clg time these days.
      And thanks a lot for the suggestion. :)
    8. saswat23
      Me fine too. Didnt get your rply as you posted in your vistor msg area instead of mine.
      So, you gotta job. Nice to know that.
      Lol! I completed my 12th this yr, Gonna start with engg in a month.
      Unfortunately I couldnt crack any of the entrance exams like you. So, have to study under BPUT Odisha. ;-( :-(
    9. ssb1551
      m f9 dude..hw r ya??..u must b in 12th nw, aint ya??..I've been in B'lore since Dec of last yr so I dun cm on9 as I dun hv net connection..rite nw browsin TDF frm office:D..plannin to get a laptop n net connection soon so that I cn keep myself updated wid the latest technology:P..
    10. saswat23
      Hey, bro whats up! What are you into these days :)? I dont see you online.
    11. ssb1551
      :D..well I'm but I've stayed outside the state for far too long thats why people think I aint..Even Vicky got the same impression the 1st time we met:) time I'll talk in Oriya!!
      When I picked up your call I thought you said something in Hindi & since I don't understand/speak Hindi that well I thought of speaking English..I guess you must have said something in Oriya, aint it?..But next time Oriya for sure!!:)..
    12. saswat23
      buddy, you aint an oriya??
    13. saswat23
      I m extremely sorry bro. I was in my clg yesterday appearing a unit test, so had to switch off my mobile.
      After returning home, i went for coaching classes. So, didn't know you had called me. I just got ur msg now. So, i will call u shortly after sometime.
    14. ssb1551
      Oh!!no probs dude, we'll meet up on a Sun..I guess Vicky wont be able to make it!!
      Oh BTW where do ya study?? and coaching for what??
    15. saswat23
      Yes, vicky stays in Cuttack. I have talked to him many times too. I am here in BBSR. What about you ?

      Actually, Cilus was also deciding for a meet. But the actual problem is with me. I have college every day for 8AM to 6PM and then coaching from 7PM to 9PM. So, i can only visit on sundays and that too during the afternoon i.e fro 3PM to 7PM. I have a really packed shedule.
    16. saswat23
      Thanks buddy.
      Yes, i have met Cilus, i got my Corsair VENGEANCE RAM from Kolkata through him only.
      Have you met him?
    17. saswat23
      No, problem bro. I have already purchased my rig.
      BTW whats your name, so that i can save your name in the contact.
    18. Gollum
      Sorry dude, was disconnected for a while from internet. I'll be leaving for manipal on 27 june.
    19. saswat23
    20. Gollum
      where are you dude? no news.
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    Jan 29, 1983 (Age: 34)


    Rig 1 : Intel i5 6500 ASRock B150M Pro4S 2x16GB HyperX 2133MHz Sandisk SSDPlus 240GB Seagate 2TB Zotac 1060 6GB AMP Corsair CX500M
    Rig 2 : Ryzen 5 1600X | Asus PRIME B350 PLUS | 16GB Corsair Vengeance DDR4 3000MHz |GALAX 1060 EXOC | Kingston UV400 240GB | Seagate 3TB, 1TB | Seasonic S12II 620W