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^^ true that Corsair VS450 is not readily available everywhere but a little more amp rating on +12v rail and cheap price makes it a good deal - it's available on 2 online shops right now ;-)

Buy Corsair Builder Series VS 450 Power Supply in Mumbai India

CORSAIR VS450 450W Builder Series Power Supply


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which psu should you suggest for i5 2400 config..
with h61 / h67 mobo , 1 hdd , not more than 3 usb connected at a time, no graphics card.??

Buy H67 motherboard with i5-2400 like Intel DH67CL. Don't pair 2400 with any H61 board.
PSU: Corsair CX430V2 or Corsair CX500V2.


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the secret strategy unvieled :

cuz the big guys of this forum (except some) have a favourite thread. and keep around those only..
to get the suggestions of most of you big techies , i ask the ques atleast on two threads.

same ques in my mind also..
thats why i asked..


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It is nothing like that buddy. I think you also have a separate thread as per your requirements and AFAIR, you have got plenty of answers for your questions, plenty to resolve all your doubts. Also in this forum, not only your so called big guys but also the 'Small Guys' can suggest very good configurations.

It is better that you should ask all your queries to a single place so that people can understand your exact needs and suggest accordingly.


OK we have new cabinet lineup from Bit Fenix.

Confirmed pricings from XtremeGraphix.

Colossus Standard - 10.5k + shippings
Colossur Venom - 10.5k + shippings
Colossus Window - 10k+ shippings
Shinobi B-W with side Window - 4.8k+shippings
Shinobi B-white Standard - 4.5k+ shippings
Merc - 2.7k+shippings
Survivor - 6.8k + shippings
Outlaw - 3.5k + shippings

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^^ if merc comes in 3k will it beat the nzxt cabbies?

and can you dig out some new when can we get our hands on zalman z9 and z11?


^^ this appears a tad cheaper i guess


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one can also get Bit Fenix cabinets from here ;-)

Bitfenix - TechShop.in - Buy Tech Online Now!!!

but still the price offer by PhOeNiX on erodov is the cheapest and best.
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