1. IronCruz

    Confused to purchase iPhone NOW!?

    Considering the fact that apple will soon start assembling phones in India, i am in a confusion whether to buy it in India or get it from USA. Even though they drop prices, i dont think that the prices are going to be anywhere closer to whats it is in USA now. I need a suggestion or opinion on...
  2. M

    Ryzen forces Intel to drop prices..

    Intel rocked to its Core over Ryzen, price drops begi I don't remember when was the last time Intel was forced to adjust its inflated prices... Competition rocks..:clap2:
  3. L

    Place to assemble Gaming PC in chennai.

    I'm looking to get a gaming PC(Budget 62k) assembled in the next two weeks.I find the prices in relatively less compared to what amazon India and Flipkart offer. Can anyone suggest me any offline store based out of Chennai that offer competitive prices for PC components and...
  4. V

    Need Lowest prices for my first computer rig

    Hello all, I need help of you all to get lowest prices of the components described as under: 1) Core I5 6500 2) H110 Motherboard 3) 600/650 watts PSU 4) 8 GB single slot DDR4 Ram (got 1 lowest price of Dologix) 5) 1 TB 7200 HDD (Seagate/WD) Please help me ! & thank you in advance ...
  5. S

    Point & Shoot Camera Around 11K

    Hello, I need a new Digital Camera. This will be my first one, so please help me decide. I'll purchase online as retail prices here(Vadodara) are not so good. Some camera's I've shortlisted: Olympus SZ-17 Canon SX610 HS Nikon Coolpix S9600 Looking for camera's which can take...
  6. S

    Cheap DSLRs on OLX and Quickr!!!!

    Hi guys, I am posting this thread out of surprise, wonder and curiosity. I have come across some ads on Olx and Quickr where high end Canon and Nikon DSLRs are offered at hilariously low prices. Check, for example: 1)...
  7. D

    Will external hdd prices drop??

    My internal hdd gonna be full in few days so i am thinking of buying wd ultra drive.but there has been steep increase in prices in recently and there isn't any deal at local shops or olx/quickr for 2nd hand. I am not in much hurry to buy as i dont want to spend extra bucks which may get...
  8. RageshAntony

    What is the differenc between online shopping prices when compared to local dealers for PC component

    I am assembling my new PC Rig through online. I listed the prices of the componets using various online shopping sites. My doubt is ,What is the difference between online shopping prices when compared to local dealers for PC components ? Is it higher are lower ? I which state in India where...
  9. H

    Best Shop in Nehru Place for buying graphics card?(gtx 960)

    best prices, authentic products, after sales
  10. T

    Need to buy Legit Xbox 360 wired controller for PC.

    So I've been trying to find a genuine Xbox 360 WIRED controller for PC. This Paytm site is selling it for some Rs 1300 with cashback. My only concern is that whether the controller is legit or not. I've seen cheap china made controllers that try to copy original Xbox 360 controller and these...
  11. Y

    PC buying advice

    Have Dell FullHD display.Want a small form factor PC for browsing the net,office work, watching videos and listening to music. Want to install Linux-Ubuntu or Mint.Want something that looks like MacMini. What about NUC and Zotac? Help required over the components-Models,Specifications and...
  12. KiLL

    Where can i get imported iphones in Kolkata?

    Hi people, Do you know where can i get iphone 5/5S imported in kolkata? I mean those without bills and any ideas of prices?
  13. W

    New norms may make electronics costlier

    New norms may make electronics costlier - The Times of India if anyone is thinking about getting a laptop,tablet or tv then better hurry.
  14. A

    Seller Query Indiatimes Shopping

    If anybody out there could let me know about Indiatimes Shopping. Prices are low but have no idea how genuine they are.
  15. happy17292

    Positive Experience

    I have bough 6-7 Die cast scale models of various cars and bikes in 1:18 and 1:10 scales respectively. They display detailed images from all angles and prices are very competitive too [30% off] packing is top notch and they ship within 1 day. I'd highly recommend jabong to everyone
  16. sdk

    Is Nexus 7(2012) still worth buying??

    So, with the new and better N7 in market, 1.Is it still a good move to buy the N7(2012) near the 9,000 price on flipkart? 2.How long shall it be supported with new android updates? If it is bought now, what do you think about its upgradibility for next 2 years? 3.Is the processor of N7 2012...
  17. bukaida

    PC component prices quite high now

    The PC component prices( specially RAM and Hard disk prices) are quite high at this moment. Is there any possibility of reduction by January 2014 ? Is it due to fall of rupee w.r.t Dollar ? What do you guys suggest? Wait or buy it now?
  18. bssunilreddy

    Corsair Graphite 230T Cabinet & Corsair RM550 PSU prices & availability in India?

    Hai, I want to know Corsair Graphite 230T Cabinet & Corsair RM550 PSU prices & availability in India? Can anyone provide any specific details as where to get these products from in India?
  19. KiLL

    Which one should i get GTX 650 or a 7750?

    My budget is max 7000 nd i live in kolkata . But here in md computers i chcked the prices of gtx 650 nd 7750 which is much higher than flipkart price.I have a Corsair VS450 wd 34a on 12v .Flipkart is offering 5% discount so im getting a Gainward GTX 650 fr 7099 nd a XFX HD7750 for 7049 .So is...
  20. shreymittal

    Mobiles, TVs to cost even more on rupee fall

    Rupee plunges again, opens at 65.22 vs US dollar Now its 65.70 vs US dollar Source
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