Firefox crashes after starting.

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I am using WIndows XP Professional with SP3. Whenever I try starting Firefox, it crashes and shows the following error:


Even uninstalling and reinstalling it hasn't helped. What could be wrong and more importantly how to fix this? :confused:


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Well, tell us what you did that may have caused this, I mean surely FF3 was working b'fore this crash. What changes or something else did you do in the past week?



I too wud suggest a "clean" install. FF never crashed on me after FF3 beta version (using FF 3.0.5)


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I am running the latest version of Firefox, v3.0.6. And I already mentioned in my first port that I tried uninstalling and reinstalling it. Even staring it in Safe mode does not help.

As for the changes I made to the system, well I recently formatted one of my partitions and also removed some fonts that I don't use. But the partition that I formatted was not the one on which I had installed Firefox on and I don't see how removing fonts could be a problem, as Opera seems to be working fine as with every other application.


this happened to me as well when I was running FF3 on XP..

FF3 ran real good and all of a sudden, a few times it crashed for nothing ...i didn't do much after the crash.. just hit "restart firefox" and things got back to normal again...

why this happened ? I have no clue !!

<but this hasn't been happening ever since I switched over to VISTA...again dont know why !!>
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