1. S

    Want to assemble a new gaming PC. (Maximum Rs. 65000) within a day.

    Hi guys, I'm starting from scratch with a budget of INR 65000 rupees. I currently reside in Mumbai, and I'm planning to buy the parts from Lamington Road as I've heard you get the best deals there. I would appreciate it if you take out a bit of your time and helped me with the list of...
  2. ajayritik

    My person experience regarding reducing Cholesterol Levels

    I wanted to share this personal piece of information regarding my health. For past 3 years I was battling to get my Cholesterol levels below the borderline to an optimal level but had tough time. I tried everything like trying to go to gym daily going on GM diet for one week trying to stay...
  3. A

    My final year seminar on Bitcoins

    * Bitcoins is a very promising new concept in the currency and payment system. My engineering final year seminar was based on this. Presently the information about bitcoins is limited on the web. So it was little...
  4. masterkd

    Weird chrome behaviour

    My chrome crashed once and after that it refuses to open any webpage or even the chrome:// pages. Tried uninstalling, deleting all chrome related folders, clearing registry but nothing helped See the screenshot below. Any idea how can I fix this? Thanks in advance.
  5. K

    battlefield 3 lags again...!!

    Hey guys i need ur help again..!! i dont know how to express my gratitude for ur all quick and crrect responses u made on my issues previously..!! My problem has started again and i am just too much depressed coz of this problem.. battlefield on my PC has started lagging again and this time my...
  6. krishnandu.sarkar

    My New Rig :) [Update : Low Resolution Pics]

    Let the pictures speak (As Usual) And finally...thanks to all of those who helped to choosing the components :)
  7. krazzy

    Firefox crashes after starting.

    I am using WIndows XP Professional with SP3. Whenever I try starting Firefox, it crashes and shows the following error: Even uninstalling and reinstalling it hasn't helped. What could be wrong and more importantly how to fix this? :confused:
  8. soumya

    The end of an era - Windows 3.x

    An application has expectedly quit. Windows 3.x has come to the closing moments of its long life. On 1 November Microsoft stopped issuing licences for the software that made its debut in May 1990 in the US. The various versions of Windows 3.x (including 3.11) released in the early...
  9. H

    Problem with Pendrive

    Hi My 2Gb Transcend Pendrive does not get recognised at my XP desktop and comes up with a "Open With" dialog box. I have scanned it for virus but has not helped. It does open with my Vista laptop. However my 16 Gb Transcend pendrive opens normally on my XP desktop. I would appreciate...
  10. Plasma_Snake

    Share your Experience

    Well, we all have been in the field of Tech for long and some of us has been on this forum even longer so care to tell how this forum, the Digit magazine itself has helped you out. I would like to take the initiative and tell you about my experience. Earlier my "friends" use to come to me with...
  11. zegulas

    Which mouse?

    I am more into Internet & Multimedia. My old mouse (iBall Black Cat) is not working, I don't know for sure, but I suspect moisture to be the culprit. I tried to dehumidify it with the dryer & it helped but, still I want a new mouse (Wire or Wireless), it should have horizontal scroll as well...
  12. Vishal Gupta - The Ultimate Place for all Windows Tutorials, Tweaks, Themes & lots more

    OK Guys The time has come to announce about my website: Yes. After getting lots of suggestions for "AskVG" domain, finally I got it. Thanks to "Choto Cheeta" (Saurav Basu) who purchased it without letting me know about it and surprised me. He is a very nice person. He helped me a...
  13. ITTechPerson

    Toshiba Laptop Problem

    while typing in word/ppt the cursor automaticaly jumping to any othe place of the page, automaticaly changing a line / part to italiks, deleting some lines. changed the keyboard, but It doesn't helped. is it a virus? using symantec corporate edition 10.1.1 pls suggest, lap is still under...
  14. saikibryan

    video splitter

    downloaded few movies thru torrent softwares... now i couldn't cut them into two jus to fit in 2 cds... they r in xvid avi format... tried dis thing wit naturpic splitter, vcd cutter etc none of them helped...i'm gettin overflow error suggest me a good software for da required...
  15. H

    Printer/Pen drive not working!!!Help pls.

    Last night,after running msconfig,I selected "selective startup",& then restarted my computer,& then closed it.From today morning,the desktop shows "classic mode",printer is not detected,pendrive/data card is not detected.I have tried switching back to "normal startup",& have then restarted,but...
  16. rahul_becks23

    Icons in Widows XP..............weird behavior

    Well, i changed the size of icons in Windows XP , but all it does is change the size of icons of the Start Menu . But i want to change the size of all the icons in Explorer .......... how do i do that ??? __________ well , i got it ................ thanks to all who helped ... or maybe no one .
  17. S

    where is my standby mode option gone ????

    Hello!!! friends....:) I have just re-installed my windows XP sp2 (illegal copy) on my laptop & after the installtion, I was amazed by seeing that my startby mode is totally disabled from my “turn off computer” option….. I have tried to fix it from the registry but I can’t be able to do...
  18. coolendra

    Best softwares u have ever used ????

    Guys i just wanted to know that wat r the best softwares (different catagories ).............. whch should be good to install in a new hard-disk ?????? catagories like : Essentials Internet DVD & audio ripping/burning..... Multimedia System.... etc...... start posting...
  19. sms_solver

    GMail ( is not working

    My friend have a problem. The Gmail site ( is not opening in Internet Explorer. I have installed latest version of Firefox and Opera to test, but the Gmail doesnot opens in Firefox and Opera as well. All other sites opens well in all of the 3 browsers. I have disabled Windows...
  20. N

    Any Virus?

    Hi, When every time i install Norton Antivirus , Some thing changes its registry settings and it stops working. I think it is a virus but i have tried a lot of antivirus programs but none has helped , can u Tell me what is it? Thanks
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