1. Faun

    Text Analytics to discover meaning

    Starting this thread. How to analyze text and discover meaning. Python will be used with nltk. Will post theory and code here.
  2. gagan_kumar

    [URGENT]Need help about dying PSU

    My corsair GS 600 had already started making sound from like past 1.5 year, this sound was noticeable at very quiet environment(its really irritating noise), Just because the PSU was working fine I was ok with it, now I looked into this matter and found out that it was the sound of fan starting...
  3. I

    Windows 7 boot problem

    I was using windows 7 ultimate 32bit which got slow suddenly..i restarted it & it got stuck at "starting windows" windows was no success. tried to reinstall with dvd.chose ultimate 64bit.previous installations took 3-4 hrs but this time "saving windows files" took 9hr.installation was...
  4. P

    My pc is not starting up!!!

    :-( I started my pc today. was not starting. r working fine....but no lights on keyboard and mouse ...and bo display on monitor. ...plz help. ..
  5. R

    Laptop not starting after a spark in electric plug

    HI, I am using a compaq laptop. Yesterday there was a spark in the electric plug and after that when I start my lapto it just produces a noise ( not any beep ) from the speaker but nothing is opening. Observations :- 1) All the lights are glowing on starting the laptop. 2) The power button does...
  6. Flash

    Syria = Starting point of the Third world war?

    The crisis in Syria may appear to be no more than a civil war in a country many people would struggle to place on a map. But it’s much more than that: it is rapidly becoming a sectarian deadly power struggle between two bitterly opposed Muslim sects, Sunni and Shia that is bleeding across the...
  7. flyingcow

    windows installation error please help please [urgent] :'(

    i recently built a new system with these following specs- 8350 m5a97 evo r2.0 wd blue 1tb 7950 w/boost sniper ram seasonic 620 w psu pc booted up to the bios in the first try. then i prepared a win 7 bootable usn, started to install, came to the screen whr we have to partition. it...
  8. SlashDK

    PC not starting after cleaning

    I decided to do the annual physical cleanup of my PC today. Got a bit more zealous than usual and so removed HSF and Graphic card and cleaned them properly. I also removed the CMOS battery (my PC wasn't keeping any date/time info b/w restarts) and reinserted it properly. Now after assembling it...
  9. X

    Computer doesn't start up [Motherboard Problem?]

    Hi, A few days back, my computer just stopped starting up. I removed one of my two RAMs and everything went fine. Another few days later, it stopped starting up again. Now isn't it extremely unlikely for two RAMs to fail within a week? Furthermore, I tried to boot it with working RAMs from...
  10. A

    less hours in a day!!!

    since past few days have been noticing that i am not able to complete the tasks which are scheduled at the starting of a day!!! don't you think that a day should consist of 36 hours or more?
  11. T

    ASUS brings 32 GB tablet in india for rs. 18,999 | Asus Brings 32GB Nexus 7 In India Starting At Rs.18,999
  12. axes2t2

    Wubi not starting.

    Downloaded the Ubuntu 12.10 iso via a torrent because the official download page is saying their server is busy.And now wubi is not starting even if I click 'Run as Administrator'Why ?
  13. B

    Windows 7 Freezing

    Hey Guys My laptop Acer Aspire 5745G is experiencing some freezing problems, it freezes randomly, like when starting up. I tried re-formatting, it does freez when i install the graphic card drivers(downloaded from acer's site)
  14. S

    Wii not starting up

    Hi I bought this new Wii from singapore and I played for a day after that it's not starting up.. can anyone guide me how to fix it. Regards, Ravinder
  15. H

    Help in Buying Speakers

    I want to buy 2.1 Speakers configurable for both Desktop & Laptop. Please suggest. I currently have creative which were not good even from starting.
  16. A

    Visual studio Help

    This is my first experience with VS. I'm wanting to create a desktop application that stores data in two excel files.I'm confused about where to start. VS 2010 express has a lot of options to start which one should i choose? Can anyone tell about the starting steps? I've very good knowledge in...
  17. aaruni


    I just got steam on my lappy. Each time I start steam, it starts updating of some sort.. Is this normal? Also, now it is starting up, and is stuck on 46% for an hour now..
  18. R

    Hard disk slowdown and sometime do not detect

    Hello, recently my PC started behaving strange, below are the few problems i saw. 1. When kept idle for more than 30 mins, the screen display BSOD 2. When starting the PC it stops at the page "Windows is starting up" and never starts. after trying few times it will start finally 3. My 320GB...
  19. Allu Azad

    Animal name in Hindi starting with "au" sound ?

    Like in " Kauwa " ( Its a bird . I need Animal name ) Please reply soon :) I dont know whether its permitted to ask it here . But I know there are many Hindians here :)
  20. dude_gamer

    My PC is not Starting?

    When i turn on my PC nothing happen even my motherboard screen intel also not appearing & beap aswell(normally 2 beaps at starting). Both LED light of cabinet are Stable. I cant enter into BIOS because monitor screen blank. Whats the problem?
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