Courier Service Feedback

Select the most vfm courier.

  • Blue Dart

    Votes: 50 34.2%
  • DTDC

    Votes: 54 37.0%
  • Blazeflash

    Votes: 3 2.1%
  • TNT

    Votes: 1 0.7%
  • GATI

    Votes: 3 2.1%
  • Professional

    Votes: 5 3.4%
  • Pafex(FedEx)

    Votes: 9 6.2%
  • EMS Speedpost

    Votes: 21 14.4%

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Broken In
I sent one of my applications/documents through DTDC. They did not give any tracking on their website at all.

Bluedart did not have any realtime tracking info.

In Speedpost, some times the tag numbers are recycled. So if there is any tracking information on their website, it is sometimes of two packages traveling some years apart with different from and to addresses :D.

Hyderabad to Bangalore took 5 days in Speedpost, and it stayed 4 days idle at Bangalore GPO. It could have been delivered the next noon! Some town in MP received the package in 3 days with one holiday in between!

DTDC said it could not deliver to the pincode in Aizawal even though their website mentioned that they would deliver there. Speedpost delivered it in 10 days, once again delaying the package as it traveled first internally in Kolkata, then from Kolkata to Guwahati and back to Kolkata and then went to Aizawal. Even this time, the package could have been delivered the next noon or the day after.

As for the disgruntling service, every company has many aggrieved customers. I still have to receive my money back from Speedpost for the delays they caused so long ago! At least, they responded promptly to my emails about the package getting delayed, and recorded my complaints at the P.O. and acknowledged the receipt of the complaint at the main Speedpost center. As with how Government things sometimes work, it takes some pestering/reminding them(even though ideally it should not).

p.s.: Meant to post here, but posted in the other thread :D.


In the zone
Well up until last week, my experience with DTDC wasn't so good and naturally I left a negative comment against them earlier in this thread. But last week, I ordered an item off ebay from Tamil Nadu and got it inside 2 days via DTDC. So as you can see experience can really vary from time to time.


Are there any couriers that have the "COD" system. Not for the courier charges but the products, like the ones flipkart, letsbuy etc use.


Cyborg Agent
Guys need your help ..

I want to send only one 26" LCD TV from Bangalore to Hyd.I have the cardboard box.I think it would be more than 8-10kgs.

Which cargo service is good for door delivery till my home? and which is trustable as it is a bit costly.

I also want it to be picked from my room.

I dont trust these local travel guys as they may steal.

But FedEx i feel very costly.Which one should i go for in bangalore.



@gopi: I hope you have all the thermocol as well as the box. Pack it well and use Bubble wrap and a plastic cover for water proofing. Better pay a premium for Blue Dart/Fedex than risk your TV with local courier. You may also consider packers and movers although they may be too much for just one TV.


Fell Off the Asembly Line
Guys how is first flight's service, is it slow or fast compared to other courier services.


Fell Off the Asembly Line
Guys I was thinking of getting a cabinet online as locally only circle, frontech, etc are available, so which courier service is best and cheap for shipping such high weight packages. How is the dtdc surface, and which courier do the online store such as SMC, theitwares, etc use for cabinets and monitors.


Cyborg Agent
grrr...these fedex and blue dart guys dont ship electronic items like lcd tv ...

GATI asks for insurance...wth....

i had to ship with some local packers and movers

The Conqueror

Elevating Humanity
Aramex - worst ever. Status updated as "Attempted Delivery - User refused to receive the package". I haven't got a call or any notification and yet they have updated their status page with false update.

Filed a ticket, still no reply.

The item is Soundmagic PL 11 from Pristinenote.

In my case,Aramex had updated their status page with "Delivered - SIGN" without actually delivering it and the concerned shipment was lying 300 km away from the destination. After repeated phone calls they finally delivered after 20 days. Pathetic service.
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Aramex- Pathetic service.

They have tagged my shippment as "Overnight parcel", and not delivered it in 7 days. :x Firstly it took 2 ays to reach from delhi to bhopal, a dist of 10 hrs. I actually asked the CC that "2 din tak parcel kahan ghum raha tha" :D He replied- "I know sir, par aapko kal mil jayega". Then it reached my city 1 day before, and I have still not got. CC saying it will be delivered by an "agent", so late. :crazy: I even asked that if I can go and pick it up by myself, he said since its handled by the agent, so NO. wtF :cry:
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