1. bssunilreddy

    [For Sale] Cooler Master Devastator BLUE LED Gaming Bundle

    Hai, 1. Model number and details: Cooler Master Devastator BLUE LED Gaming Bundle 2. Date of purchase: 22-5-2014 3. Reason for sale: Upgraded to Mechanical Keyboard 4. Warranty details: Expired 5. Expected Price: 1200 6. Location of Seller: Hyderabad 7. Pictures along with your User ID + date...
  2. anky

    My First Gaming Setup!!

    Lets Directly start with the Pics Guys!! Configuration - intel i5 6500 Gigabyte b150m D3h Zotac GTX 1060 6GB gSKILL rIPJAWS 2133mHZ 8 gb WD Blue 1 TB Corsair VS550 - will be replacing it soon :P Dell S2216H 22'' NZXT S340 Black Logitech g300 Dragon war gk-001
  3. M

    WD Blue Query

    I bought a WD Blue 1 TB 5400 rpm (model WD10EZRZ) hard drive today. My requirement is gaming and not planning to have an SSD. I actually ordered WD Caviar Blue 1 TB 7200 rpm (model WD10EZEZ). The dealer is telling Caviar Blue is obsolete and not available. Dealer is ready to replace with...
  4. R

    Blue screen error after replacing CMOS battery

    I have two problems with my desktop. 1. CMOS battery down hence date and time reset every time after PC shutdown. 2. Display does not appear with beep sound. I have tried by cleaning RAM slot inserting again but doesn't worked. Then I replaced CMOS battery, second issue resolved but blue...
  5. A

    Hi i am facing blue screen issue with my laptop

    Hi guys, i have been facing blue screen error on my laptop from last couple of days.It all started when i tried to play Need for Speed MW on my laptop.After that i have uninstalled NFSMW and origin software.But all after that now i am facing blue screen error now and then.Strange thing is that...
  6. A

    New WD Blue 1 TB HDD issue

    Hey Buddies, I purchased a new WD Blue 1 TB HDD and the issue with this HDD is, it is not detected in BiOS nor while installing it through DVD ROM. I can hear 2-3 clinks while switching on the power, it rules out the HDD is total dead. MoBo : G31TM-P21 Micro Star Int. Chipset : Intel...
  7. Pratik Pawar

    Bluestacks problem

    I had installed Bluestacks on my win 7 a few months ago, initially it worked fine. since 1 month, whenever I start it, after few secs of progress bar, a blue screen appears and PC restarts again. where is the problem? Ram or any else?:-?
  8. sainath

    Blue Screen of Death while playing Game GTX 660

    I got replacement for my Asus Geforce GTX 660 2 months ago. I never tried this card after that because of my university examinations. It's 2 days before I installed it on my computer and what I experienced is horrible for me. I can able to use my system with this card. In video department this...
  9. L

    WD Blue latest updates

    Stay tuned :)
  10. S

    Got a WD black instead of WD Blue.

    My hard disk was not i had sent it for a replacement.(previously had a WD Blue 1TB) I must say really impressed with WD's after sales service a pick up was initiated from my house all i had to do was to pack the HDD in a Static-Free plastic bag and some bubble wrap...
  11. D

    Hard disk needed to replace my WD Scorpi Blue WD6400-bevt

    I have an asus k42ja-vx032d laptop with WD Scorpio Blue 640GB WD6400-bevt hard disk. The hard disk is damaged and want to replace it. I wanted to know if Seagate Momentus 500 GB Laptop Internal Hard Drive (ST500LT012) can be used in my laptop. Thanks in advance
  12. A

    WHY is WD Caviar Blue 1 TB drives so expensive and sparingly available @e-retail shops?

    I'm a lazy guy, hence I do 100% of my shopping online. I don't understand why are WD Blue 1 TB Internal SATA drives costing upwards of ₹4200/- (Flipkart) & ₹4800/- (Amazon) when Segate 1 TB can be bought for ₹3290/- (Amazon) ? Can I get WD Blue 1 TB Drives cheap locally? (@Lamington Rd...
  13. anirbandd

    HDD + RAM suggestions needed for desktop

    Hi All, I want to upgrade my RAM and buy more storage for my system in the signature. RAM: I want to increase RAM to 8GB. Am currently on Kingston Value series ram in dual channel mode [2x2GB], and would like to get a taste of a good quality, moderately priced performance RAM, like...
  14. bssunilreddy

    [Want to Buy] PC LED Strip Blue 1 meter

    Hai, I want to buy any PC LED Strip Blue 1 meter which is DIY also. Please has it update me as soon as possible. Max I can pay is Rs.600 including shipping.
  15. slashragnarok

    Sapphire HD 7870 dead?

    Last night I powered on my PC and after a while started Battlefield 3. It said loading level and then showed a black screen. I thought my PC had frozen. Ctrl+Alt+Del didn't work. So I restarted my PC. After loading Windows I saw a blue screen with faint lines going across the screen...
  16. rohitshakti2

    Blue Screen of Death coming up

    Hi friends I am using PC with AMD Quadcore athlon 635, 785G mobo, 4 GB Corsair ram. I have OC my PC to normal 3.2 ghz from 2.9 ghz. Recently I formatted my C drive and installed Win7 again and it was working fine but from the last 2-3 days my PC starts and gives error of BLUE SCREEN OF...
  17. P

    Bluish tint on HP laptop screen?? :O

    Hello guys, I own the HP PAVILION 15-E009TU notebook. It is just 10 months old. I had some grey lines in the LCD screen few days ago and called hp for warranty replacement. a technician came and replaced the LCD screen with a new one. However the new screen has a sort of Blue tint the...
  18. A

    shortage WD Caviar Blue 1TB in mumbai !!

    there is shortage in supply of WD Caviar Blue 1TB in mumbai market... any idea?? why? when it will back available in stock?
  19. M

    Vaio Laptop problem

    I had bought Vaio SVS13112ENS laptop in August 2012. The Laptop had been working fine till October 2013 where after it refused to start without power supply. When it did boot I was shown the message that "The battery is not connected". I took the laptop to Sony Service Center where they told me...
  20. nomad47

    [For Sale] Two months old NZXT Guardian 921RB Blue

    Model number and details: Two months old NZXT Guardian 921RB Blue. The CPU thermal probe is showing error. Rest is in pristine condition Date of purchase: March 2014 Reason for sale:Got a new cabinet Warranty details: Expires on March 2016 Expected Price:4000 shipped Location of...
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