1. ithehappy

    What is eBay Powership service actually?

    I wanna what the hell is that thing. I have purchased plenty items from eBay and most of them comes with eBay Powership service, which is for my postal code given to ****ing Blue Dart every time, a sh!tty, crappy, lazy bunch of arseholes they are needless to say. What is this Powership service...
  2. ithehappy

    Anyone else hates Blue Dart?

    Even DTDC, who are 5 times cheaper than them are way better. Why? Blue Dart, their tracking details are plain nonsense. Shipment picked up date and then Estimated delivery date, and that's it. Where my product is, what they're doing with it, they just don't bother to mention. Then the best...
  3. R

    Positive Experience Amazing Amazon.

    Bought a bunch of books on Amazon.in on Independence day. The Package was completely great. Courier: Blue Dart and delivered on time. No issues with any of the products.
  4. Harivel

    Google proposes a JavaScript replacement: Dart

  5. KDroid

    Google set to introduce Dart, a new structured programming language

  6. tkin

    Courier Service Feedback

    Hi guys, which is the most vfm courier service here, I want to send a mobo, a proccy and some rams, I've used blue dart but its very costly, anything a bit cheaper? For mobos? Answer the poll.
  7. a_medico

    Tiger Attack Clip - Kaziranga National Park footage

    A large adult tigress, suspected to be the mother of the two cubs rescued from Tamuli Pathar village(adjoining Kaziranga), severely mauled the mahout of an Assam forest department elephant, which was carrying rangers trying to dart her. Image link :-...
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