1. P

    Just Gaming motherboard

    Hello to all, First, see what I have- 1.Gigabyte h61m-s2pr3 motherboard(Worse motherboard ever I think) 2.I5-2500k 3.Asus r9 270x 2gb 4.Iball 550w peak PSU(Not so good I think) So, I want to change Processor, Mobo, and PSU(will stuck to the Graphic cards for few more...
  2. A

    bios update

    dear friends, i want to update my mobo's bios but i am not expert. recently i installed a software "biosagentplus" it scanned my my pc for latest drivers. it is showing that bios update is available for my pc. can i use this soft to update my bios. is it safe? would this be able to...
  3. Vyom

    Best mobo for Haswell processor (i5 4570) around 7k for my needs

    Last year in Nov, I made an AMD APU rig with the following config: Mobo+CPU Gigabyte E350N Motherboard 4100 Cabinet Cooler Master Elite 310 Cabinet (Red) 1400 SMPS Corsair CMPSU-430CXV2UK 430 Watts PSU 2703 HDD 500 GB WD Cavier Blue 3300 RAM Kingston ValueRAM DDR3 2 GB...
  4. ankush28

    asus vs. gigabyte

    hey gus I want your personal thaughts about GIGABYTE B75-D3H vs. ASUS P8B75-M LX. I am building a same rig with some modification in my rig almost everything is fix except the MoBo. Both above MoBos are same and neck to neck in performence, price. Personally I dont like gigabyte, when i was...
  5. R

    Mobo for i5 3570K

    Hey guys Almost planned to buy a rig with i5 3570K. Planning to overclock after a year. Can some1 suggest me a Good mobo ? Using Sapphire HD 7950 3GB Vapor X or HD 7870 GPU. Also need a Cabinet Say the CM HAF 912 ? can u list the difference the different Mobos which U r suggesting !!
  6. R

    AMD mobo 6k

    Im going to lamington road today, so cam u please tel me any good AMD mobos under or around 6k?
  7. A

    Need Processor and mobo

    Hi all...I want to buy processor and motherboard...within the range rs. 13K for both...processor should be from i5 please refer me some good mobos that reduce the need for video uses are gaming surfing .........please refer some good one...thaks in advance...:wink:
  8. xynidexxx

    Z68 GEN3 or current GEN2??

    Intel is creating much of a mess here and this is really the usa, gen3 mobo's are fast replacing the current gen2's as pcie3 components are soon to be released if not later:| and the 22nm ivy bridges are on intel's menu already. All this being said, the gen3 mobo's are up for sale in...
  9. xynidexxx

    Why are the prices of processors and mobo's increasing

    :shock:Just was wandering over the various e commercial sites today and to my surprise, except the ram modules everything including proccy's and mobo's are priced 1-1.5 k on the peak more than the normal( i72600k is 18.8k:shock:) this has to do something with falling of the INR ?:|
  10. patkim

    HDMI query

    I somehow find HDMI a bit confusing!! I am planning to upgrade to new system n shortlisted a few Mobos having HDMI out. e,g, Gigabyte 880G based mobos. My query is that once I hook up my LCD TV as monitor with HDMI port on mobo, what happens to the audio out from the PC. Does the ananlog audio...
  11. patkim

    CD In / Aux connector

    I used to connect a cable from back panel of CD/DVD drive to the CD In/aux 4 pin connector on the mobo with onboard sound. I guess the CD rippers would read the data thru this connector. newer mobos do not have this 4 pin CD in/aux connector. Will CD ripping still be possible without use of...
  12. tkin

    Courier Service Feedback

    Hi guys, which is the most vfm courier service here, I want to send a mobo, a proccy and some rams, I've used blue dart but its very costly, anything a bit cheaper? For mobos? Answer the poll.
  13. J

    Best Graphics card for I5 2400 below 4K

    I would like to know the best graphics card for i5 2400 at a budget of 4K. Also answer this query.. Intel H67 or Asus H67 mobos have HDMI port, DVI port .Then why a graphics card is needed in these mobos?
  14. rohitshakti2

    Alternative to Gigabyte 880GA-UD3H

    As the Gigabyte 880GA-UD3H mobos are not available in markets, I would request you to suggest me an alternative mobo with USB 3 and Sata 3 within a budget of Rs.5500/-. If anybody knows where gigabyte mobo's are available in Delhi (any distributor), pls help....:-x
  15. pritamk

    sandy bridge mobos

    when will sandy bridge mobos revision 3 be available in the market?
  16. vwad

    Question Regarding South Bridge of 880G AMD Chipset

    Hello, I saw some mobos on various manufacturers' sites. They have two kinds of mobos for this chipset, one having south bridge 710 and other 850. What is the exact difference between the two and which one is better ?
  17. Power_user_EX

    Suggest a motherboard around 3K -AMD

    Hi , Plz suggest a mobo around 3 to 3.5k for AMD proccy (AM3). What i expect 1) Shud OC 2) HT - 5200 MT/s 3) DDR3 Support 4) One PCI-E x16 slot 5) two PCI SLOTs 6) With AM3 Socket 7) with core Unlocker / ACC My current bet -Asus M4A78LT-M-LE (is this mobo future proof enough ?) I have...
  18. L

    wanted: intel CPU SOCKET 775

    i require intel CPU SOCKET 775 -10 pcs as 3 of my mobos pin has gone faulty.
  19. M

    Graphics card

    can you suggest a card (with a higher budget) that can drive a HDMI quality screen 1920x1080 ? are there Asus mobo's with inbuilt GFX which can drive 22 or 24-inch screens which supports 1920x1080 ? Thanks !
  20. sourishzzz1234

    Mobo+CPU @ 5K

    I need a decent system for Rs 5K...i cannot extend my budget at all... I shortlisted these mobo's and processors...please advice me what should i go for.... and if there is a better option for AMD at the same price.... My MOBo requirements are...:cool: 1.Good Inbuilt Graphics :D 2.Celeron D...
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