[By Demand] Fast Track Topics

Which of the following topics would you like a Fast Track on?

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Movie making SWs like Sony Vegas pro, Adobe movie maker etc. (Since I need it)

I think all aspects in a linear manner should be covered. Starting with photoshop. (If I were to give a neutral opinion)


Freelance web designer
I believe that there are quite a few CG artists in this forum. So a Fast Track to Maya (or Mudbox) would be great for us.
I would also like Fast Tracks to some Adobe products like Photoshop and Flash Professional.

I am aware, though, that these will cater to the needs of only a specific set of people. Sorry for the others! :(
Maybe a fast track to "Creative Thinking" or "Creative Process".

It's an ambiguous topic, but then everything boils down to this only.
Whether it's movie making, image editing, game design, or a new crazy app...

There are already many books on technical aspect of design, why not a book on creative aspect of design.

Also fast track on Visual Studios is also a viable choice. About the IDE rather than the supported technology, as it has many neat features.

Maybe a book on problem solving techniques and methods related to programming languages (mathematics and logic).

Also there are very good suggestions like Assembling Computers (with good pics, and a DIGIT TV video accompanying), Physics (nice one), AI, etc.

Also if u do cover programming languages like C++ or .NET(C#), do cover it in detail, even if it means sacrificing on color pages (no need to teach syntax in color), to cut down prices.
Last time you guys did FT on both those topic, it was a flimsy thin fast track.

But let FTs to Photoshop, Maya, Flash and likes in color pages...:|


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Fast tract should not be as general application's help (ie. photoshop/gimp).. lot of online helps/free ebooks are in the Web..
Instead, it should cover common technologies with deep analysis...
such as follows;
1.Cryptography <-- +1 for this
2.Sound Techniques <-- Dont know much about it
3. Linux System Administration <-- +1 for this
4. Windows System Administration <-- Why would some one need this :)) :mrgreen: :p
5. Web design (it may be describe how to create a website using simple coding/e) <-- +1
6. Networking models (it may be describe the seven layers(OSI) in detailed) <-- +1
7. Technologies in and around other than Computers. (bcoz digit as a Tech.Navigator) <-- +1
8. Analyzing Media Formats (CD/DVD/HD DVD/BR/etc.) <-- :?
9. Script Languages (such as windows script/etc) <-- :|

Summing it all up... I am with you except the windows part, I doubt if Windows server exists somewhere in the universe. So, a double size linux guide would be better than that :oops:


Right off the assembly line
Digit Had done a Fast Track on CREATING FACEBOOK APPS(APRIL 2010),
now guidelines have been changed for developers..
they have made the REST API,FBML and some other things OBSOLETE.
We have to use OpenGraph,Html5,javascript etc..
So a Fast Track On That Would Be Great..
Looking Forward to it,as watever i learnt is cos of digit and now i am also into facebook app development(just a starter) cos of DIGIT only..


BSD init pwns System V
Going with the current flavor of the season.. After the success of Fast Track on Linux, Windows, Mac etc, I really want to see a fast track on FreeBSD.


I have voted for c++ /c# but it should be advanced since digit in past has given c++/.net fast tracks ..ps advancd is my second preference!

Pratik Pawar

Gaming for challenge
What about a Fastrack on 'Viruses:twisted: and Antiviruses'...
which will cover everything related 2 da headache:evil: & da solution (or not?:wink:),
as it is experienced by all those who hav a PC:-((desktop,laptop etc), mobile.


New Voyage
I wish to get the FastTrack on Databases.
NoSQL Databases viz., redis, memcached, CouchDB would be much better
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