1. nikhilsharma007nikx

    Innovative topics for Class XII CBSE investigatory projects.

    We have been given Chemistry and Physics projects to do and I want something different to do. There are a lot of projects to do in science but nothing that i feel is greatly "investigatory"(especially in physics) . I might have a lot of topics in my mind but i don't really remember such stuff...
  2. N


    Hi, I am Natalie and I am a technician from Wilmington,USA. I have just joined this forum and I would love to know about different topics and would like to contribute myself to topics of which I have knowledge about. I am keen to learn about different sections. Hope everyone will love to get...
  3. P

    help on searching on web

    I want to know that while searching on any search engine. If I use four different tabs for four different topics of search. The results of four different topics comes in respective tabs. How and why they are not mingled up each other. Pls help
  4. S

    DBMS mini project topic

    I need to do a mini-project on DBMS. I need to design, implement, document and demonstrate a working database-system application. Need suggestions about interesting topics and good books to learn DBMS.
  5. A

    Topics for engineering final year seminar

    Hi friends... I am a 4th year engineering IT student.I am in search for some interesting seminar topics..Can u people pls help me by suggesting some latest topics for the seminar presentation??thought this is the best place to ask for...:-)
  6. F

    Software Project Suggestions needed

    I am in 6th Semester of B.Tech(IT). I have to make a small scale project. Please suggest some good topics
  7. A

    Seminar Topics (B. Tech)

    Looking for seminar topics for B. Tech Final Year (7th semester) Computer Science And Engineering. Shortlisted till now. 1. Computer Forensics (I'm doing a certificate course for the same, that's why i thought of this) 2. Cloud Computing 3. Big Data Can you give me any ideas about...
  8. Sarath

    Gifting ideas for birthday

    Hello everyone, I was in two minds about posting this in this forum, but since I have seen many other weird threads, I am making another addition. Also I am unaware of any forums that deal specifically with such topics. Q: Suggest me something that I can gift to a female friend of mine on...
  9. Y

    Suggest few good seminar topics ...

    Am a Btech CS final year student. Can someone please suggest some good seminar topics. Some emerging technology or field or sometopic in particular ! :)
  10. M

    Need topics for seminar on cloud computing

    I'm new to this site.. and i wanted to know any good seminar topics on cloud computing... ll u guy's suggest me .....plz
  11. A

    Affiliate marketing (21655)

    Develop best site concept/theme, Brainstorm most profitable topics, Select best related affiliate programs.
  12. Terabyte

    Third year please

    I am currently doing Diploma in Computer Technology. This July my third year in this course will start off. I actually don't have the exact idea what project i should do. Please guys help me out. Please suggest some topics for project. Thanks!
  13. eggman

    Good topics for Technical seminar....for BE final year!!

    As the thread title says, plz recommended some topics which are Interesting yet easy to explain!!Since I'm not the greatest speaker in the world, I will try tht my slides to more talking than me!! :) So plz suggest !!
  14. D

    please help me find some current topics related to IT

    please help me find some current topics related to IT for doing a small seminar . say for example one topic may be ::Web 2.0 and its benefits or the drawbacks of software testing tool :x:o:confused:
  15. T

    Project ideas in PHP MYSQL...

    Hello friends, I am learning php mysql and need to do a project with that language. I need to submit it as my doeacc a level project. But the problem is i am not getting any suitable ideas for it. Ihave searched the net but couldnt get any good ideas. Maybe I am not searching it properly. Can...
  16. PCWORM

    Topics for project

    I want some ideas for topics for project.. Teh topic should be a non-technical one example: global warming save panda means it shud not be related to any tech.. thanx in advance!!
  17. T

    Good books for Web Page Desigining

    Please suggest me some good books for Web Designing which also covers topics like Java Script, PHP, MySQL, Oracle and other related topics of Web Designing. I bought a book by C. Xaviers but did not find it useful. Like when linking a database it did not mention how to create that particular...
  18. mayanks_098

    *urgent* Plz suggest a book on JAVA

    Our Priyam Malhotra is in need of *URGENT HELP*. He has a JAVA exam tomorrow and hasnt studied a bit till now. Can you guys help in finding an ebook that covers these topics? summarize basics of java, OOP, classes, objects Bluej basics histroy of java javascript basics and basic...
  19. K

    Can somebody suggest good topics for me please?

    Hello everyone! Well, i am new here, so i dont know if this is probably the place to ask for such questions, but anyways, I thought i should ask it out to you guyz. Well, actually I have to give a seminar to the students of third year of I.T engineering on such a topic which is related to the...
  20. jack_the_ripper

    Need to present a Technical Seminar, suggestions?

    hi guys, Im in my final year of engineering (ECE), and i need a few suggestions regarding a techincal seminar. This has been introduced from our batch only, so my seniors have no idea about it. I just want to know a few topics which i can present a seminar on. The main pre-requisite is that the...
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