1. panacea_amc

    "A Wanderlust Song"

    Hello everyone, Greetings for the day! Here is something different. I had started to write a little song at the fall of November '16. The theme of the track is basically a high tempo energetic one. I had used Flstudio with VST libraries from EWQL, 8dio, Sonokinetic besides others. The writing...
  2. A

    Track a Laptop

    Hey guys is there any way we can track a lost laptop which follows, 1. Laptop was delivered to some one whom we do not know. 2. So a brand new laptop is lost. 3. Can we track him/her if he registers the laptop for warranty?(no one will register a stolen/free laptop :| ) 4. Can we track...
  3. C

    Long lost MP3

    Hello everyone, I am not entirely sure if this is the right place for this but here goes : A long long time ago - when Digit was still Chip (we are talking pre mp3 era), the team back then released a special CD set filled with freeware, videos and free music. One of those free mp3 tracks...
  4. ax3

    mobile location !!!

    can anyone track you, if your mobile data (3g) connection is on ???
  5. J

    Power amp and foobar issue

    Hi, I have ripped CDs using poweramp to FLAC. I have manually named tracks as per song wordings. But when I try to play it in foobar or any other media player, it does not show title of track and instead it shows only track no. It becomes very difficult to choose songs. How to rectify this...
  6. M

    Negative Experience No mention of offer in "Track Orde" or Email

    I Ordered a Lenovo Laptop Backpack B450 for 1199. Screenshot in the spoiler it had offer "Get free Yatra Voucher redeemable on domestic flights and hotel bookings, worth Rs. 750 on purchase of this...
  7. abhidev

    Please give your feedback on my first website

    Hi guys, I have built a website where one can prepare a checklist of games that you have played/completed/on-hold/dropped/favorite/wishlist so that you can keep a track of all the games you have came across till now. Its still a basic site, something on the lines of myanimelist where you...
  8. ghantaukay

    Is my pc infected?

    I have Kaspersky antivirus (fully updated) on my pc with Windows Firewall.Of late I find that my google searchbox has vanished and I did a hijack this scan and am not able to diagnose the problem. Can anyone help me with this problem? I just want to know if my pc is infected and if so how should...
  9. varunparakh

    Lost ASHA 200 (How to track it via IMEI)

    Hey guys, My sister lost, her Nokia Asha 200 today, she has the IMEI no with her, how do i track the phone, what measures are to be taken next. Kindly assist me with this. Waiting for your replies.
  10. NitrousNavneet

    F1 driver....

    Now there is a track also... But we (specially me) still don't know how to become a F1 Racer and how much a man can get by racing...(talking about $ $ )
  11. bkpeerless

    Any website to list the oncoming placement of engineers

    I am looking for website where the list of companies carrying out pool campussing or out-placement for engineers. Is there any website which keep track of these.. pls tell. I am in 4th year ECE and really need help in campussing..
  12. nisargshah95

    Free track tutorial

    Hi, I wanted to ask that which edition of Digit included a Free Track tutorial. Thanks in advance.
  13. ajayritik

    Lost my mobile

    I recently lost my mobile. Most of the people I know have told its difficult getting that back. But one of my friends told that there is something called IMEI Tracker using which we can track who is using the mobile now even though he may use a new SIM with my Cell Phone. With so much advance...
  14. bubusam13

    Song id3 tags

    Hi, I am facing a problem. All of the players, be it WMP or MediaMonkey displays the ID3 tag track name in playlist. This create a problem for me. I want them to display the file names. For example : I have AKON Konkrete's song ---> 01 Keep Up.mp3 . The bold portion is the file name that I see...
  15. ITTechPerson

    Solution required for Offline transaction tracking system

    Hello guys, I am maintaining few cyber centers over Sikkim, need to track the offline activity of the Systems of the centers. Can you please advice me a solution to track all the offline activity of the computers (Printing, CD writing etc.) it is for corporate use, so it is preferably a...
  16. A

    help with study

    need to study up on networking, could you guys suggest some links to read and also please tell me when was fast track to networking given as book and on dvd. thanx in advance aby
  17. Harivel

    Desktop vs Laptop vs Tablets

    This Thread is for Selecting your pc option and tell that uses&disadvantages.. In older days we all using Desktop,after laptop invention we r set mind to buy laptop for our convinence but now Tablets r in track... so which s gng to rule in future days... What you think about...
  18. C

    ccs compiler - pic wizard greyed out

    hi, i just began making the line follower by the guidelines given in digit's fast track and dvd. i bought the pickit2 programmer. it came with the MPLAB software and pickit2 software. i installed both first and then installed the CCS C compiler as suggested in the fast track. but when...
  19. thetechfreak

    Reccomend a game that has Nurburgring Nordschliefe

    Hello Guys, I want a racing game thats got the longer Nurburgring ...... G.R.I.D doesnot have it....any other game???? Really want a game with that track Thanks! a friend has agreed to give me GRID(original) still waiting for suggestions
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