1. bad_till_bones

    Suggest a wireless router for home

    Hi, Topic says it all. Need a wireless router for home.
  2. A

    regarding my phd

    Im am planning to do my research in the area of using technology to teach english. can anyone help me with identifying which area i can work on and what are the updations on this topic.. can someone suggest a title??
  3. P

    How to Inset a Avatar Here?

    Hi guys,while trying to upload a image for my avatar here at tdf i get a Invalid file Error any help on this topic?
  4. jackal_79

    The race to 5G: Inside the fight for the future of mobile as we know it

    Interesting Topic! Source attached The race to 5G: Inside the fight for the future of mobile as we know it - Feature - TechRepublic
  5. Ironman

    2TB Portable USB 3.0 - Need

    I am Looking for a Portable 2TB for my Long Term Storage Which one should i go for I am looking for a Reasonably Budget & performance Balance I am currently looking at a few options But FEEL FREE TO SUGGEST MORE (I MEAN IT)...
  6. bestpain

    web page required urgent

    hii frnds i need to submit a .html webpage as my project tommorow....and tommorow are my internals .so i dont have time to create a webpage...if anybody has already done similar projects on any topic can mail it to me at i need a simple page having 2 or 3 links in...
  7. paroh

    HDFC Verified by Visa/ MasterCard SecureCode

    delete this topic
  8. anmolksharma

    Please suggest topics for presentation/seminar

    I need to participate in a presentation competition in the field of information technology in my college. Please suggest on what topic I should give presentation. I am looking for practical topic than simply copying from internet like cloud computing etc. My interest is android-its...
  9. A

    PC audio system

    now i've my PC asus p8h77-v it has audio via hd audio deck i ve a 5.1 philips speakers.. it has only 3 stereo inputs.. i ve heard that there is better audio listenin through some other interface from PC to amplifier..(spdif?) i need more knowledge on this topic and need to improve listening...
  10. A

    first forum topic

  11. S

    Suggest me a seminar topic related to computer or electronics.

    Suggest me a seminar topic. Eg: Google glass Wireless charging etc . tell me some similar technologies or gadgets related topics.
  12. RCuber

    How many computers do you have at home?

    Simple Poll. How many desktops or laptops do you own in your house? This topic came to my mind when going through the bandwidth usage thread, most of the users usually stated from their PC's POV, at my house, my dad uses a lot of bandwidth too, so this topic came into my mind :) I have two...
  13. C

    Is UPS or stabilizer or spikeguard necessary for Air Conditioner?

    Im gonna buy Windows AC this month so i need to know whether UPS or stabilizer is necessary for Air Conditioner to protect it from lightning & electric fluctuation or not? if yes plz suggest one is stabilizers increases electricity bills? Place - Mumbai AC - 1.5TR CLASS HITACHI SUMMER TM -...
  14. SlashDK

    Future in Space?

    Hi guys, I need a bit of help with the topic in the title for a project and one of the things needed is a survey. Can you people please fill this? Also feel free to discuss the topic, I'll join in a...
  15. B

    need advise

    bought the proccy and monitor already. but having problem with mobo. GA h77 ds3h is not available but they have d3h which is mATX. should i wait for ds3h or get that one? Also is there ant topic or forum for guide here to assmeble pc from scratch? please link me to it. tried to search but...
  16. theserpent

    Need some help/ideas?

    Well there's a competition in college.In which we have to design the college magazine cover. The TOPIC IS NAVARASA Navarasa is 9-feelings like sadness,anger etc etc Any help/ideas you all can give me please?
  17. D

    topic for thesis

    plz guys help me. I am a student of M.Tech 1st year Computer Science Deptt. and I need a topic for my thesis can you plz help me by suggesting some current and worthy topics for my thesis... thanks in advance
  18. Shah

    Noob Question: What does the "nm" mean?

    I badly want to know what does the "nm" (as in 32nm, 22nm, 45nm, 65nm) means? Can someone throw lights on this topic? Thanks in Advance...!
  19. C

    Bluetooth 2.1 vs Bluetooth 3.0

    Hello guys, I wanna know the difference b/w bluetooth 2.1 vs 3.0. Please throw light on the topic. how much important it is to be given??
  20. Pratz993

    Windows 8

    It is a month since i installed windows 8 consumer preview on my pc.I may not be any expert but it isn't any useful.Please do throw light on this topic.
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