[By Demand] Fast Track Topics

Which of the following topics would you like a Fast Track on?

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Right off the assembly line
Cheap wholesale switchblade knives

$3.10 for an automatic knife with free shipping, now thats cheap http://www.liangdianup.com/automatic_1.htm how about the
buck 110 auto? Do they still make that thing here in the states? I think they were being converted into autos out west. Nice
knife, these guys also have a copy of a Buck 110 auto.


Right off the assembly line
I would like to have a fast track on PHP and Mysql
which is highly in demand now a days....as i m a web developer as well as Seo so i would like know php in details..
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Right off the assembly line
Visual Basic would be a good start for wannabe software developers....
especially the new visual basic editions have lots of new features....
Digit should provide : -
1. VB basics
2. VB advanced
3. VB game programming and other fun stuff u could do wid VB.

Also u should also include FastTrack to scripting languages and the fun stuff you could wid it like .....Autoitv3,Autohotkey,Kixstart etc....for people who love programming..!!

so i wud like to also see a Fast Track to SCRIPTING LANGUAGES


Right off the assembly line
hey please publish a fast track on autodesk maya or 3Ds studio Max for novice beginners.
pls do this as this is a request from a very young reader of ur mag.
pls pls
hope u will not disappoint me


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