[By Demand] Fast Track Topics

Which of the following topics would you like a Fast Track on?

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Right off the assembly line
  • Windows Presentation Foundation
  • Windows 7 [ Definitely this will be your Fast Track of Anniversary Special 2009 ]
  • Windows Azure
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Debian Gnu/Linux User
list added:

1. Motherboard (A to Z should be analyzed)
2. Networking (both windows and linux)
3. Troubleshooting to Linux(deb,rpm)
3. Inkspace (vector graphics)
4. Sony's Sound forge
5. Qcad( open source cad program)
6. Build your own pc (Assembling techniques)


Ballack Junior
i think linux 2 would be great..and as said above please avoid specific software..go for general topics..


* Teh Flirt King *
A fast track to PC Modding :D

A fast track to Social Networking.

Fast track to Processors ( Processor's History, Architecture...future everything.)

Fast track to GUI Programming!



||uLtiMaTE WinNER||
Hard Copies
1. Linux Part 2
2. Networkin Hacks--Brief Discussion (Windows)

Soft Copies
1. Digit can also provide a ebook which could contain all the troubleshooting tips and tricks for Windows
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Debian Gnu/Linux User
List added:

1. Comparative guide between Linux and Windows (it will useful for linux beginners)
2. How to assemble a PC
3. Networking (both windows * Linux)

Cool G5

Conversation Architect
None of the above.

Fasttrack to Linux(Advanced)

Fasttrack to Symbian OS

Fasttrack to GIMP

Fasttrack to Photography

Fasttrack to CSS

Fasttrack to Wordpress


Right off the assembly line
I, think this is one of the best way for making public up-to-date. It'll help to know about, who is leading in a particular area.


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