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Wise Old Owl
http://nspeaks.com/858/top-5-reasons-not-to-use-fantastico-for-installing-wordpress/Top 5 Reasons not to use Fantastico for Installing Wordpress

Do you use One Click Fantastico De Luxe for Installing wordpress? Well then stop using it as there are few problems which can arise if you keep using Fantastico for installing free scripts.
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Wordpress 2.9 – Features, Tips and Screenshots

Wordpress 2.9 is nearing and will be released in next 2 months probably. Check out its upcoming features, learn about some cool tricks and check screenshots of new features in Wordpress 2.9.
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Slideshow Bob
How NOT To Spend a Saturday

Let’s be honest. We all make it through five working days just because we anticipate a relaxing and fun-filled Saturday at the end of those five days. I actually start the countdown on Monday – “Just 5 more days to go, so hang in there!”. And it actually works! At the end of each day, I proudly say to myself that I’ve survived another long and boring 10 hours. This pride turns into unbridled joy at the end of Friday, for obvious reasons....

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Slideshow Bob
Looking Back - Chelsea 1-0 ManU

First off, lemme tell you that this was one of the scrappiest matches I’ve ever seen and there were hardly any clear-cut chances for both sides. Still, the result is all that matters and Chelsea got the perfect result – a hard-fought 1-0 victory which leaves them 5 points clear at the top of the table!

I never actually expected to be able to watch the match, having been deprived of my weekly dose of the Premier League since the past three months. However.....

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Cool G5

Conversation Architect
Use Panning Technique to shoot dynamic motion shots

You might have noticed photographs where subject is pin sharp while the background is hazy giving a feel of motion. Such photographs are known as pan shots. Panning gives the image a dynamic perspective. Panning helps in showing action in still photographs & is often used in sports photography. Though similar to Bokeh but still Panning is way different than Bokeh. Bokeh doesn’t portray motion but panning does.


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Slideshow Bob
The Week That Was

After finally getting myself a good Internet connection, the last thing I wanted was that thing dying on me. That, dear reader, is the reason for my absence from this place for the whole week. I just got the damn thing working today and now I no longer feel like I’m missing a limb.

Okay, so here’s a brief recap of all the things that happened and didn’t happen during the past couple of weeks. First off, I got myself a new...

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