1. tamatarpakoda

    [Contest Results] SKOAR! & #DewArena Gaming Challenge Winners

    Greetings peeps! We have an update on the contest results. All the entries, tweets, Facebook posts have been forwarded to the folks behind the contest. Overall, we had over 75,000 entries for the contest so the DewArena guys have asked for a little extra time to announce the winners. They...
  2. C

    Part time jobs in Kolkata?

    I'll keep it short. I need some cash :lol: I'm a Btech student, and looking to earn a little extra on the side... (You know how college is... you never have enough money:mrgreen:) So can any Kolkatains recommend me some ways to make money? Tutions... data entries... anything will do. It just...
  3. topgear

    ASUS Modders Contest 2014

    1. The contest is open to all PC enthusiasts and modders residing in India. 2. They must be a fan of ASUS India Facebook Page. 3. They must present atleast one picture of their submissions: The shots should be clear of effects. Photo submission should not be less than 800 x 600 pixels in...
  4. ico

    How to increase the number of call history entries in iPhone? It only shows 2 days?

    How to increase the number of call history entries in iPhone? It only shows 2 days? Sorry can't google as GPRS is slow. :(
  5. theserpent

    Flipkart contest

    Source:Star in Your Own Movie Poster!
  6. M

    Problem uninstalling KIS 2011

    I had KIS 2011 subscription of which was expiring yesterday. I was happy with KIS 2011 but wanted to give a try to Bitdefender before deciding on which Internet Security suite to choose. I, thus, uninstalled KIS 2011 but found that many files/registry entries did not uninstall. I wasn't asked...
  7. R

    The ROCCAT Design to Win Contest |

    It's been a few months only since ROCCAT entered the Indian gaming scene, and it has already established itself as a major premium gaming peripherals brand. And all because of the love and faith of our fellow ROCCATEERS in India :). So it's time to reciprocate. We have decided to gift around a...
  8. S

    iPod Nano Album View

    I have an iPod Nano 5G. my problem is when i see the album view,each album entry has only one song from that album. so i end up seeing 7 album entries for 7 songs instead of all 7 songs inside the album. What is the way out of this?
  9. Dreamer

    Competition for design of the ‘Symbol for Indian Rupee’

    COMPETITION FOR DESIGN Government of India Ministry of Finance, Department of Economic Affairs New Delhi...
  10. phreak0ut

    Updating library leaves old entries intact

    I've got a Nokia 3110C. I'm facing this problem of not able to update the music library properly. In case I remove the old files and when I add new ones and try to update, the old entries remain. There is no option to remove them. How to resolve this? :(
  11. G

    Cannot install Office 2007

    Hi, I am trying to install office 2007 ultimate in my system. when it reaches about 75% it rolls back and gives error 1402: cannot open registry key, check your permissions. i opened the registry editor and given the permission to specified keys but it keep on giving it for several registry...
  12. K


    i am unable to install alcohol 120% says reboot after previous operation tried everything and deleted all entries from registry
  13. Sridhar_Rao

    Tojan or Malware?? Help !!

    Hello, When i inserted a flash drive, the avast AV detected VBS:Malware-gen in autorun.inf. Every attempt to delete repair and move to chest failed. I disabled autorun feature on all drives using microsoft TWEAK UI. Finally I used an untested application flash disinfector, which solved the...
  14. jal_desai

    Tutorial: Add more site entries to Opera's Speed Dial

    Opera has a wonderful feature called speed dial which helps users to navigate frequently visited sites without typing its Url. By default, it allows users to store upto 9 entries....NOT ANYMORE! You can manually add more site entries by doing this simple trick. 1) Close instances of Opera...
  15. Quiz_Master

    Add More Speed Dial Entries in Opera

    Opera's most handy feature is Speed Dial. By default we can set 9 Speed Dial Entries which is enough for regular user but not for Power users like me and you! ;) So I found a way... (How?, thats a Long story ...Its in my blog if you are interested) ::> Here are the Steps :: 1.) Close...
  16. Beta Waves

    Running app in Vista installed on XP

    Hi guys, I have Vista as well as XP ... I want to run some application in vista which are installed on XP ... I tried but some work and some dont .... I tried Winamp and jet audio which are installed in XP ... both executed fine but when i loaded some DSP effect pluggins it gave an error saying...
  17. L

    Registry entries through command prompt

    Friends how to add registry entries through command prompt ? How to watch hidden registry keys ?
  18. windchimes

    How to remove these trojans..??

    Hi, I am using BitDefender Free Edition, Adware, and Spybot..Still my machine is infected with Trojan.Vundo.EGL . It is associated with the file fccyaYSM.dll in Windows/System32 What is this stuff..?? My machine is a bit slow..Earlier Spybot detected almost 16 entries under the same name...
  19. G

    Monitoring Registry Lines

    Is there any program which can trace all the alterations made to registry (Windows Registry)? My machine runs on Windows XP SP3, and I want to review all registry entries done by installing or running a particular program.I think any malicious codes running from registry could be recognized...
  20. Ranjya

    Program list empty

    My add/remove applet starts first time but there are no program entries. I tried a lot of things like prevoius restore point, windows installer 3.1, dial a fix, microsoft KB article using regsvr32 etc. None has helped. I can go into safe mode w/o networking and see all entries. I have safe...
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