1. Zangetsu

    Its time for Meizu now

    Chinese smartphone maker Meizu announces India entry on 18 May source: Chinese smartphone maker Meizu announces India entry on 18 May - Tech2
  2. sahil1033

    Data entry job from home !!

    Hi, I'm pursuing B.Tech. from an engineering college in Dehradun and I will to do some part time job from home. Since I've no work experience yet, all I can do is data entry (typing) job. I've no idea how to search for such jobs and I feel insecure if they're genuine or not. Please help me...
  3. srkmish

    Online Work. Where to stat?

    Hi Friends, I was hoping to get some extra income ( 5-10k per month) doing some online work (Data entry etc) as most of my salary goes into savings for new house. I checked out freelancer data entry jobs ,but was overwhelmed by the huge amount of them. Can anyone suggest some simple tasks...
  4. Ronnie11

    Budget Desktop pc for 20k Max

    Hey guys, So i am helping a friend of mine who is looking to buy a new computer just for entry work and internet.It is for his own company and he doesnt want any gaming or anything whatsoever.His requirement will basically be using the microsoft office and internet browsing and some data entry...
  5. savithk

    Entry level LED monitor

    right now i have 17 inch CRT Samsung monitor ....planing to buy new Entry level LED monitor 18 / 19 inch . My Budget around - 6 to 7. main purpose watch videos , Internet usage and some Ms Office work in Home , i don't have any idea which panel to choose? i shortlist this LED model...
  6. abirthedevil

    Panasonic Lumix DMC-LZ20, worth a buy for learning photography?

    Hello guys I was wondering if Panasonic Lumix DMC-LZ20 is a fair choice for learning the basics of photography for someone who wants to move on to an entry level DSLR say a year from now. Its available for less that 8k in the market at the moment. Or is it better to wait for sometime gather...
  7. windchimes

    Question on excel/google spread sheet

    Hello geeks, Well, I am not an expert with excel sheet and need to make this simple formula to calculate one value. It involves the division of two numbers and then to multiply that answer by 100. How should I do this? Say columm A has an entry 50,000 and column B with 100 and I need to...
  8. Achuth

    Entry Level DSLR Queries

    Hey everyone , I am planning to buy an entry level DSLR in February ..Maximum Budget is around 30k. I've shortlisted the following cameras Nikon d5100[top preference] Nikon d3200 canon 550d [not interested in the Nikon d3100 and canon 1100d] Also I have seen a good deal at...
  9. bee

    is HTC gonna launch some new entry level phone?

    is HTC planning to launch a new entry level phone? or an upgrade to the present explores ( by upgrade i mean something with a bit more processor )
  10. R

    Core 2 Duo Urgent Update

    My pc config. Core 2 duo E4500 2.20 3GB RAM Board Intel D945gcr. I want to add a entry level Nvidia graphic Card.Just let me know which card.Urgently
  11. mrinmoy

    Entry level gaming rig

    Hi friends, My friend is building an entry level gaming pc. He has decided to spend 7-8k for processor+gfx card. His choices are 1. AMD A8-3870(only the inbuilt processor HD6550D) 2. AMD A6 3500(inbuilt HD 6530D)+Asus AMD/ATI Radeon HD 5450 1 GB DDR3 3. AMD A6 3500(inbuilt HD...
  12. rider

    Nikon D3200 (A New Entry Level DSLR)

    On April 19, Nikon organised a special announcement to launch some new. According to nikonrumors.com the all new entry level DSLR Nikon D3200 is going to be launched with 24 MP sensor :shock: with lots of awesome features like wi-fi connectivity. It would be come in may would be priced 35-38k...
  13. ico

    Entry Thread - Workspace Showoff Contest

    This is the entry thread for *www.thinkdigit.com/forum/contests/155070-thinkdigit-forum-workspace-showoff-contest.html. If you have any questions, ask in the above thread. Posts like "cool setup!!" will get deleted if posted in this thread. Keep this thread clean and only post snaps...
  14. Ricky

    Pen tablet adivce

    HI I have been asked to get information about Pen tablet device. Need device to create artwork on computer. Anyone with experience about pen tablets and what would the best one for basic professional need or say entry level professional device ?
  15. cray.x

    want to build a entry level gaming PC

    i want to build a entry level gaming PC. so i gathered a few components. AMD phenom II X4 840 gigabyte GA-MA78LMT-S2 corsair 2GB DDR3 1333mhz seagate 500GB Hytech 450w PSU i want to keep it to around Rs15k, please give suggestions if any. I want to know a compatible graphic card for this...
  16. TheLetterD

    Budget Pen(Graphics) tablet required

    I need an entry level Pen/Graphics Tablet for : Basic Designing, Drawing Cartoons (Amateur Cartoonist here :) ) My budget is Rs. 4000 Also, I need to know what is the diff. between an entry level one like this, and a professional tablet for 12-13K, is it just the tablet size? And can I use...
  17. pro

    Toshiba Bluetooth Troubles!

    Hi I am having trouble with my Toshiba Bluetooth stack. I want to use my nokia bluetooth phone with my win7 Toshiba laptop,but whenever I try to open the blutooth settings I get this error: The procedure entry point BtDiscoverRemoteEIRDataList could not be located in the dynamic likn...
  18. rahul_jaiswal31

    Entry Level Graphics card

    Hello friends! I have c2d e5700 3.0ghz installed on foxconn g41mxe mobo with 2gb ram, with local intex 450w psu. Please suggest me entry level gpu as i am tight on budget. Max i can spend is 2.5k. Please give online link where i can buy that. Thanks in advance!!!!!
  19. N

    Suggst an perfect graphics card for my config!!!!

    Frndzzz My config is, intel C2D E4500,@2.20GHz ddr2 ram, 320HDD , suggest and best entry level graphics card with good performnce under 3k!!!!
  20. A

    entry level tripod suggestions?

    hey all... can someone please suggest an entry level tripod for photography..? thanks..
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