1. N

    How to Switch from Blogger to WordPress without Losing Google Rankings!

    Hello, everyone ! I started a blog a few months back with blogger platform. Now after sometimes I found it improving in terms of organic response and searches I am thinking to upgrade it to WordPress. Now I looked over many how to video and read a lot of blogs , but very confusion about...
  2. Vyom

    The Blogger's Thread

    The Blogger's Thread Promotion of blog for commercial reason is against the rules of the forum. Hence this thread is only to share your personal blogs and have discussions on them. As long as discussions remain on this thread and you don't start PMing about them to members you are safe. If we...
  3. krishnandu.sarkar

    Critics on my Blog

    Well, It's been around 4 years I bought this domain on my name. I installed wordpress on the very first day and thought of blogging. But I could never get any topic about what to write which is unique. I read many blogs regarding what to write and all but couldn't fix on anything that's unique...
  4. A

    Where to add link in blog posting

    I have a big doubt regarding blog writing. I, m just writing short story for my own blog, where I want to add my website link using keyword in anchor text in that story for the purpose of seo promotion. But I'm confused that using hyperlink with anchor text in blog short story is good or...
  5. vedula.k95

    How to get adsense approval for my blog

    Hey guys i am kaushik vedula and i want to know how can i get my blog approved with adsense here is my blog address The adsense button is grayed i have been blogging since these three months.? Any sujjestion?
  6. K

    My Tech Blog

    Hey guys, I wanted to know wether my blog is good enough or I need to improve in some fields. Here is the link of my blog TechBlazr And also guys, give me ur opinion on how to Improve SEO and traffic ! Thanks. - - - Updated - - - BUMP guys !! Need suggestions !
  7. Cool Buddy

    cPanel's AWStats & Statcounter not matching for my wordpress blog

    I have a blog hosted on Wordpress platform. I have hardly updated the blog for over a year now. Even at its peak some 20 months earlier, it used to get a maximum of 25000 hits per month. However, I received an email from the hosting company (outpower hosting) a few days back telling me that my...
  8. N

    Review for my website.

    I have made a new blog about computers, technology, tutorials, and mobiles. Please visit the blog, and provide a feedback about the blog. I am new in this field, so any suggestions are welcome. Link:Virtual Lexicon Blog
  9. windchimes

    Changing Fontsize and color in the worpress online blog editor

    Is there any way to change font size and color in the online wordpress blog post editor?
  10. G

    Buying Domain, Host, Blog,etc. Help me!!!

    Guys i'm a class 11 student in India. Recently i was searching in the net for reviews of some good books for preparation for various competitive exams, but to my awhile non of them were seriously the ones i expected to get. They were just too ... with dead links , outdated info ...
  11. D

    How to create a blog to link other sites

    Guys I need to know whether we can create a blog to link a site permanently...just like a proxy server doing it for different sites..Coz I need to create a blog to link a cricket live score site to it so that it is invisible for site blocking software used in my work Place :P :P
  12. B

    podcast help

    hi guys i need some help submitting my videos as podcasts to itunes while linking it to my blog plz help
  13. bssunilreddy

    AdSense account getting disabled due to suspicious activity in my account...!!!

    Hai guys, I made a South Indian Culinary blog via google's Blogger and signed in the Adsense account which said that they will approve of my blog after 10 days and then when I returned to check my AdSense status it says that it has deactivated my account. Reason: Due to suspicious activity...
  14. M

    Want a Script to Load blog Faster

    Hey Digit Magzine Readers, please suggest me Some Javascript to increase the Loading speed of my Blog.:lol: my blog: LWTHacker | Ultimate Hacking Tools
  15. cray.x

    need a javascript for my blog.

    hey guys i wanted a javascript for my blog, actually i have made an android app and i have given the link of the google drive address of the app in my blog but i want to monitor how many downloads or clicks have been done on that link. so can anybody help me???? how can we do that. the address...
  16. P

    How long does it takes to activate a domain ?

    I have a blog at blogger. I wanted to have my own domain and found the name I wanted with '.in' only, .com was already taken. When I wanted to buy it via blogger from I could not because via blogger .in was not offered. So I directly purchased the domain from Next...
  17. avinandan012

    What's in the wattage? - Corsair blog

    Found this article What's in the wattage? - Corsair blog
  18. Cool Buddy

    Server Load error in Wordpress with Hyper Cache Plugin

    Today morning I installed the Hyper Cache plugin on my Blog. The settings page show this. Can anyone tell me what it means Just for information, WP Super cache and Total cache don't work on my blog for some reason. May be incompatible with the theme or any other plugin.
  19. ajooba215

    how can i link a website to my blog????

    hi people, i run a blog on blogspot and i wanto direct my traffic to a website. How can i link a website through my blog? so when some1 opens my blog, the website linked gets automatically opened
  20. N

    My new gaming blog

    I just rocket launched my new gaming blog here: Game Optimizations | Forcing games run smooth! Please visit and tell me if you liked it. The blog provides optimal graphics settings for low end systems for various 2009-2011 games.
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