A new Admin

Do you want a new admin for this forum?

  • Yes. We want a new good and addicted new Admin

    Votes: 10 41.7%
  • Nope.

    Votes: 14 58.3%

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I am sure after seeing this and this u guys are intresed in this thread...

So do u want a new admin..???

If Yes then reply whom do u want to be as Admin ..???

P.S. I doubt that Admins will ever see this thread in their whole life..:D


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sometimes there will be no admins/mods in this forum... but most of the time .. somebody is there ..

as for me .. u better PM any mod or admin...

waste thread


Wise Old Owl
yea ! somebody banned me a week ago without a reason :mad: and i pmed Raboo and boy that was quick ! :)
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No Need for an Admin...

Anyway all ADMINs are digit employees (I think...) so we can't just tell them to hire someone new to manage just a forum when MODs are doing gud job anyway...


On a serious note,Asfaq was a good and active admin but for some reason he has left the post:(

Nothing against anyone or anything but I think incase there is an empty slot for an admin...then it could be filled by choto cheeta...just a suggestion that he should be awarded a mod status...btw I think all the admins and mods are doing a fine job anyway...:)


हॉर्न ओके प्लीज़
And those who think that appointing a new admin will solve the issues need to know that the issue is not due to forum admin. This issue is related to scripts and can be solved only by the website admins-who have access to the administration panel and folders-files.


die blizzard die! D3?
^^yay boy yay,spoken like a true geek.replacing humans with some scripts of yours.lol,just j\k.

vaibhav:you're awesome man,can you courier me your autographed pic.?

and to all:what do you guys say,vaibhav for the new super admin\supermod with all the powers in the world?
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