1. Ronnie012

    Need an assembled Pc. Budget~30k

    Guys i need an assembled pc at 30 k budget range. Should be able to handle few 2016 - 2017 games at medium(or low ) settings should have a decent processor to handle Photoshop and other graphic softwares. P.s. I have never owned a desktop before nor assembled one. So is it advisable to go for...
  2. powerhoney

    Air cooler suggestion

    I live in a hostel and it gets bloody hot during the summer season... So, I was wondering if the air coolers that are available in the market are of any use in this kind of situation... Anyone with any experience of such air coolers??? Or, should I just buy a table fan... P.S.: I was thinking...
  3. S

    Where can I find cheap electronics in Delhi?

    Living in my hometown, I heart a lot that in Delhi there are cheaper electronics items. Now I am here. Is it really so or is a rumor? P.S. I'm in South Extension area.
  4. D

    Should I buy a laptop?

    I own a desktop computer, pretty old core2duo. Although it is solving all my purpose till date, I want to buy a laptop just to use it in my bed. Is it worth it? P.S I work in an IT company and will use the laptop for browsing/Work.
  5. V

    Vodafone 3G showing you are surfing from UK

    while browsing internet on Vodafone 3G datacard, i am intimated that your browsing location is either UK or US (as if i am browsing from UK or US instead of India) How is this possible ? :shock: i have never entered any such settings nor am i using proxy/VPN which may divert my location...
  6. C

    [URGENT]Need suggestions for buying a camera under 10,000

    Hi all, Im planning to buy a camera around 10k Here are my demands..:) Budget - around 10,000 Wide Aperture(focus on subject,blur background) Need Manual Control Exposure[for me] and Auto modes[for family members] minimum 8x Optical Zoom Physical Buttons..no touch screen Usage - Mainly...
  7. vinaych

    16:10 IPS Monitors?

    Hello all, I've been using an HP 16:10 19" monitor since 8 years. (No complaints at all.. Brilliant monitor) The time has come for me to purchase another monitor and when I look, there aren't any 16:10 monitors that I could find except for the Dell U2412m! That monitor is a slightly over my...
  8. A

    urgent: need of speakers within 3k

    Need to buy a 2.1 stereo for my friend today or tomorrow from flipkart as a gift, please keep suggestions coming. P.s: friend is a basshead.
  9. sohan_92

    File Deletion Help

    So after updating windows xp sp2 to sp3 on my old pc these annoying files(hidden) are created on my external hdd automatically.Is there any way to get rid of these files ? Thanks in advance. P.S : Already tried with revo uninstaller. No luck .
  10. sahil1033

    Lenovo E49 touchpad error

    Features like scrolling down and swapping running applications in Windows 8 is not working, what to do? p.s. - It's my first time with Windows 8, so, sorry for being a noob.
  11. M

    Burning A Dual-Layer DVD

    Here the problem: I have a dual-layer DVD and I want to burn an ISO. I am unable to do so using the simple Write function in ImgBurn. What shall I do? P.S. Yes, my DVD Drive is capable of writing DVD+R DL
  12. bittutora

    Suggest a Modem guys!

    Hi Guys! I need a new modem for my BSNL Broadband conn. Don't need any WiFi . Just a simple, branded, and cheap one(Don't want to waste any extra dimes for this)! Any one up to 1500/- will do! Know any good ones? P.S. : Forgot to mention : If it could fetch upto 150Mbps that would be awesome!
  13. arani

    Headphones b/w Rs.500-700/- range

    I want to buy a good quality headphone online with proper bass and treble. Please suggest me some options as I am not knowledgeable enough about this stuff. The maximum I can afford is 700 bucks.. P.S. I prefer over-the-ear and on-the-ear headphones
  14. T

    ati 5570 vs nvidia 620

    Both are within my budget and very similar. Kindly compare both wrt HD viewing and gaming. If possible mention fps results of various games with both of them.. Any advice is welcome. Thanks P.S. I will be using my 250W PSU. Kindly guide if that would work fine . P.S. Also guide if gt 620 is...
  15. tanvir37

    Wammy Desire 7

    Wammy Desire I would like to know your views on this tablet. Is it reliable? P.s: Should i buy this or look at some other tablet(budget max 8k)
  16. C

    Laptop Buying Advice

    Hi Thinkers, I am planning to buy a laptop.Please suggest me a laptop .I use it for watching 1080p HD movies , Programming and net surfing. Hard disk capacity 320Gb or 500Gb. RAM 4Gb. My budget : Upto 30,000 Rs P.S : What is the difference between Integrated HD Graphics 3000 and...
  17. H

    Challenge: The cheapest Config

    This thread should not be taken seriously and only for fun. Build a CPU as cheap as possible, which should include just the following: Motherboard, Processor, RAM, HDD, PSU, Cabinet The configuration should run Windows 7 Basic and Office 2007. Yes, it's an office pc. Use Atom processors if that...
  18. T

    Suggest a good case/pouch for S2

    Hi all, Will get s Sam S2 Skyrocket in few days, would like to know best case with stand for it. I have no idea about them so please suggest wat ever the best and buying link if possible. Thanks a bunch :D p.s : i prefer something thinner.
  19. digit.sh

    can not access wikipedia.org

    Please help:-( Since last 2-3 days i can not access wikipedia:-x , every other website loads just fine. But wikipedia continues to load forever, can never see any wikipedia article. I use airtel gprs-edge in westbengal circle, speed fluctuates between 6kBps-16kBps. Any...
  20. P

    Which is better? Core i5 2400k or AMD X6 1045t?

    Hey guys, I am stuck up between these 2 processors.. Please help me :D Core i5 AMD 4 Cores 6Cores 6mb 6mb P.S. I am a hard-core gamer ;D
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