1. krishnandu.sarkar

    Ideas And Suggestions Needed For Progressing In Career (Linux Vs .NET)

    Hello, It's been 3 Years I'm working as a .NET Developer. Now it looks like I'm stuck here and can't find the path beyond. Yes I know about WPF, WCF, WWF, MVC etc. But unluckily none of these technologies is used at my present firm and I don't think they will be using it in near future. And...
  2. ratul

    World of White-Hat Hackers from the eyes of a Black-Hat.

    This isn't new, but i think it's worth sharing, a Black-hat sharing his views on how secure we are, and what our anti-viruses are capable of.. Quite scary and definitely gave me chills... Read more: Interview With A Blackhat Some excerpts that scared me: Update: thought it'd be good if i...
  3. A

    I want to change my username :P

    Could any of you admins change my username to "Arjun" ? Please.
  4. C

    i can't figure it out!

    i can't figure it out whether these two threads are fake or what? * and * it claims to sell ipad and nokia n900 at 300$ dollars each. i find it hard to believe. can anyone help me find...
  5. celldweller1591

    Canonical Releases Landscape 1.5

    Ubuntu has taken the Linux world by storm on the desktop, but, for the enterprise market, it is still an up-and-comer. The open-source operating system is evolving to meet the requirements of this market as well and has proven especially popular for cloud applications. The Ubuntu Enterprise...
  6. trigger

    Admins pwn you

  7. A

    Thinkdigit Problem

    Check this picture! Is this a bug or a regular experiment by the Admins or a problem just for me??
  8. rhitwick

    How to request for Unban someone?

    Well, as the title says, 1>How to request for it? 2>Is there a provision to unban a member? 3>Were in the history of TDF anyone unbanned ever? 4>What are the protocols one should follow to unban himself? And, how do his/their friends pray for it? A PM? To whom? Mods? (how many of them, or...
  9. krates

    Thank u admins :)

    Finally admins fixed many bugs added a captcha check for thread creation. Who is online list is now available too. will add more improvements in the list which i will notice :D where is the quick reply though ? viola !!!
  10. naveen_reloaded

    Digit Starts Spamming Its Members...

    Hi guys.. I was recently getting many emails from thinkdigit domain... I dont kow whether its them or their database has been compromised.. I think the emails are no longer safe with thinkdigit today i got a email ...take a look and the links to these products where something different...
  11. Coool

    Enough is enough!!

    This fu(king forum is down for almost 2days!! What the hell admins are doing??
  12. victor_rambo

    18 super moderators, 6 admins = 1 mismanaged forum called ThinkDigit forum

    Well, we have 6 admins and 18 moderators. It seems that we must be some super busy forum where thousands of new posts and hundreds of new threads everyday. But we all know what the reality is, don't we? Where are our "Dear moderators" and "Dearest Admins"? A humble request request: Some of the...
  13. rhitwick

    Forum down again??!!!

    Was our forum down again or only I was not able to open it? Admins, anything u want to know us?
  14. H

    FORUM - Appearance !

    CHANE THE RED FONT OF DIGIT FORUM, for voting, send in your opinion. I am very uncomfortable with this, theme. For the moderators and admins, : Try googling in a while! * and for free...
  15. V

    A new Admin

    I am sure after seeing this and this u guys are intresed in this thread... So do u want a new admin..??? If Yes then reply whom do u want to be as Admin ..??? P.S. I doubt that Admins will ever see this thread in their whole life..:D
  16. xbonez

    Aah! Finally a development in TDF

    Finally, we get to see some change in ThinkDigit Forum - a new sub forum - Programming has been introduced. This is nice. atleast it reminds us that admins do once in a while find the time to check out the forum :D.
  17. ray|raven

    Should we have Images in Signature.?

    I think like most other forums,we too should be allowed to use images in our signatures. Please discuss ur opinions on this so we might ask the admins to allow us if most of us think its needed. Regards, ray
  18. Gigacore

    Attention: Mods & Admins

    I dont know whether u guys know this or not.. I've found a plcae where u can see the location (country) of an IP. This may help u guys..... *
  19. blackpearl

    Relationship between Admins, Mods and Members

    This is why admins are for in a forum :))
  20. john_the_ultimate

    Overheating problems

    Well I have seen many overheating threads recently, so thought that maybe there should be a single thread from where we could solve our overheating problems. So if possible try to post your problems specifically regarding overheating of pc and its components here in this thread and help each...
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