1. makwanamilan96

    Can i post screenshot from digit magazine to my blog ?

    Hey There ! I own 20+ issues of digit magazine (Hard copies). All the issues are very much informative with their guides and how-to-do tutorials. I have my community blog and as well as my personal blog. Some of the topics like science , career related topics and also some tech articles...
  2. netizen3000

    Don't have User Account control

    Guys in my laptop running windows 8.1 i tried to uninstall synaptic touch pad drivers but an error message appears saying you have to be logged in as an administrator to uninstall driver. I messed around with the user account privileges activated the windows admin account through command prompt...
  3. N

    Huawei Aircel 3G Dongle autodisconnecting

    Hello Digitians, I own a Aircel 3g dongle (Huawei software that manages the connections done thru it ) , the dongle is working fine , but the problem is that after a certain period of time sa 5 minutes or 10 minutes , the connection drops and i have again to open the soft and reconnect it...
  4. d6bmg

    I see Ghost.

    So, back in India for 1 month or so. I remember some guys here: 1. Akash (tkin), 2. skud , 3, krishnendu, 4. My senior from my clg - Cilus, 5. sam, 6. my own dada from south kolkata, amartya da (forgot forum nick), 7. abhijit da, 8. masterktd. and 9. at that time admin nigga ico who had...
  5. TheHumanBot

    ByPass FREE Ammy Admin Usage limit?

    Ammy Admin says enough with free usage BUY now. won't let me use for even 1-2 minutes. teamviewer is not an option for me. i want to make this one work. :|
  6. hareesh

    Help with Admin account in Win7

    hi all, I am having Win7 with sole admin account which was working absolutely fine.Recently I opened a guest account with some parental restrictions for child to play in the system. Now I feel , I went a bit overboard and tweaked the system attributes for accessing all the drives. Now I am...
  7. A

    Remote kill process on windows 8

    We have 10 laptops connected to the same wifi, all of them running windows 8 or 8.1. I want to view and kill processes on these networked computers. For this purpose I created a local administrator account in each of them (let's say admin:password). I have tried using these commands: tasklist...
  8. H

    Xp problem

    Am in the admin in the xp ....when ever i put a password and restart it goes straight to the desktop without asking the pass...please help
  9. V

    Serious problem with IPCop firewall

    Hello guys! I am new on the forum, so i hope this was right section to post. I have asked this question in the IPCop forums almost 15 days back and not yet received any response. In my office, i have an IPCop v2.0 firewall installed on a dedicated machine, with Copfilter. Suddenly, I...
  10. S

    Is there a way to delete my account? Admin please help.

    Hi all, Wanted to know who can I ask to delete my account. Is there an email address or alias to reach the admin? I am not able to remove my old posts and threads created by me and its really important for me that they dont show up on google search. I feel the forum should have a provision to...
  11. C

    Will cloud effect network administration. ?

    Hi all, i had done my CCNA Routing and switching and working as a system admin in a small company. Will this experience help me in finding a job on CCNA ( My goal is CCIE R&S ) in coming future. And i heard that cloud computing and data centers will effect on network admin openings, is that...
  12. mohityadavx

    Cant edit registries Admin Previleges disabled

    Hey! I am not able to use regedit on my system. I am the only user on the system and have admin previleges and was able to modify registry till few days back I have latest updates legit McAffee [came bundled with laptop] When i try to change registry I get the message Administrator has...
  13. pkkumarcool

    Becoming a mod/admin

    hey guys i just had a query about how can we become a mod/administrator? what i will need to do to become admin like raabo/ico...
  14. L

    what should i do please help

    Hello to all members I want to discuss a problem with all of you. I am doing a desktop support job since last 7 years.No doubt i learned so much in the client environment but now the problem is that i want to do a job as an assistant system admin or a role between desktop support and full...
  15. Krow

    Nobody wished ico?

    Happy Birthday admin sahab. :))
  16. azzu

    security problem in accessing the files

    I was fiddling with the Security option in win7 and in permissions tab i checked something and applied it (unknowingly , i know this is embarrising ) now when ever i try to acces my Movie folder ( the one i changed the secuirty settings) iam getting a messg as follows "you dont currently...
  17. R

    Messed up with Drive security tab

    My win 7 pc have 2 Users Me and Person X . i wanted to restrect drive D:\[backupDrive] to person x , so i was messing with D:\ properties>security setting >group or usernames But now >.> i cant access my own driver Getting error when opening folders "You dont have permission to access...
  18. M

    This site has been blocked as per instructions from Department of Telecom (DOT)

    getting this on mediafire rapidshare sendspace ? ******************************************************** N ADMIN plz remove dis annoying thing this realy SUX:wwe: instead of this put some text matching captcha
  19. Zangetsu

    Deus Ex: Human Revolution

    STORY You play Adam Jensen, an ex-SWAT specialist who's been handpicked to oversee the defensive needs of one of America's most experimental biotechnology firms. Your job is to safeguard company secrets, but when a black ops team breaks in and kills the very scientists you were hired to protect...
  20. M is HACKED...!!!!

    Mumbai university's site for MHT-CET online admission) is been hacked..!! Sites pages contains malicitious script...which forces browser to make hit on W2jbyuyh0=1&pid=1&W2jbyuyh0=1 which is hosting a exploit ms06_014...A critical...
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