1. Cyberghost

    “Windows 9″ preview set to arrive later this year, will focus on desktop users

    While a second update to Windows 8.1 is just around the bend, it’s a larger update codenamed Threshold that’s getting most of Microsoft’s attention these days. Said update, which could arrive as Windows 9, isn’t expected until the spring of 2015 although a preview is set to arrive later this...
  2. H2O

    Best AC Under 30K

    Best Split AC Under 30K Hello Guys! I live in Bhubaneswar, Orissa. I have/had a six year old AC. But the issue is its compressor is screwed and a new compressor is needed. So the total cost of replacing the compressor, refiling the gas and the charge would be around 12K. Also, the compressor...
  3. vishnov

    LIFE ON THIN ICE..Help your brother..plz guide this soul!

    hi guys, i need your advise on a rather important matter which may decide on how my life progresses. I study in final year electronics and tele-comm. engg from a pvt college in Maharashtra. But still, i've got backlogs from first year (maths). Unable to clear my first year papers i am not...
  4. A

    Buying advice needed(40K): To "Quad HD" or not to "Quad HD"

    All-right L&G, I happen to find myself in the need of a new smartphone.Previously I have owned an HTC One X(which got stolen after 3 months of purchase) and currently I am using an LG Optimus G from which I wish to upgrade. Now my list of priorities is the following.(Things I want the...
  5. S

    Decision between asus g56jr and y510p

    hey guys I am buying a laptop under 80k. Right now I know y510p is the best. But I still feeling 760m is better. But right now g56jr is only vailable online in flipkart and is not available offline stores. right now lenovo y510p is giving free 3 year warranty at 77000rs. I am confused which...
  6. Desmond

    China to scrap millions of cars in anti-pollution push

    India should take a cue? Since India's condition is not any better. Source : *
  7. R

    No Nexus 6 this year ??? - evleaks

    It’s definitely not the first time we hear that Google may drop the Nexus brand in the future, but we’re still expecting at least one new Nexus smartphone (aka Nexus 6) to be released this year. However, @evleaks is now saying that “there is no Nexus 6”, and that we should say farewell to the...
  8. R

    What to do after 12th CBSE [Bad Result]

    Hi folks, I'm pretty much sure that I'm gonna get ~68% in CBSE Boards (12th). I'm a PCM idiot. (Physical Edu.). I'm interested in going for B.Tech(With Hons.) - M.Tech (Dual Degree) [5 Years] [CS] but most universities need the one to score higher than 80% in qualifying exams. What should I...
  9. H

    B.Tech pass outs this year!

    I think it's the time of the year where some become yEngineers. I've completed my 4 year ordeal and has landed a satisfactory job in devops. What's your story? College proved nothing more than a hyped up school with everyone pretending to know more than they actually do. I learned a few...
  10. X

    Gaming mouse for 2014 that will last me a good year or two

    Hi i'm looking for a gaming mouse from 2014 that will last me a good year or two. (preferably two haha) My budget is 3-5k. I play a lot of fps games and a couple of moba and mmo's. Besides gaming as a hobby, I do some art related work. The mouse should have a good dpi as I like to be...
  11. A

    Buying suggestion for a headphone below 3000

    I am looking for a good over the ear circumaural headphones below rs3000. I am not a bass head, but I do like bass. Need decent noise isolation. Need atleast a year of warranty. I have short listed the following- 1. Audio technica M20 2. Sennheiser hd202 ii
  12. A

    My final year seminar on Bitcoins

    * Bitcoins is a very promising new concept in the currency and payment system. My engineering final year seminar was based on this. Presently the information about bitcoins is limited on the web. So it was little...
  13. funskar

    31st oct 2014 will be the last year for sale of PCs installed with Windows 7

    31st oct 2014 will be the last year for Windows 7 All of this due to promote there rubbish windows 8 If you are a Windows user who does not like Windows 8 for one reason or the other but decided to buy a new PC, it is likely that you picked Windows 7 as your operating system of...
  14. A

    What are the Fps games are coming this year.

    What are the fps games coming this year.
  15. ajayritik

    Battery Back up on my Note 2

    I have Galaxy Note2 for almost an year now but off late I find that the battery drains out very fast. Earlier with average usage the battery used to last for atleast one full day. However off late I find that I have to charge it multiple times in a day to have it charged the whole day. Could...
  16. E

    Best purchase below 20k ?

    1. Budget? - 20k 2. Display type and size? - AMOLED and IPS not more than 5" 3. Form Factor? bar, slider, flip?- Bar 4. Preferred choice of brand? - Sony, Samsung, LG, Motorola 5. Preferred input method (QWERTY, touchscreen, numpad, touch-n-type). - Touch (this entry should be...
  17. ithehappy

    When an upgrade of Haswell will be released?

    Hi, I usually make plans for my 'tech' related expenditure, and I need to do now. I have a X58 based system, i7 960 and all, and I don't find Haswell to be much of an upgrade. So may I know what's Intel's plan to upgrade Haswell, and when? They do release an upgrade every year right? So I guess...
  18. adityak469

    Earphone For Normal Use Around 1.2k

    my friend is going to buy earphones as his stock ones died after a year. Suggest him a good one around 1.2k. He thought of 1.Skullcandy Ink'd 2.0 2.Soundmagic PL 21
  19. S

    Help in choosing gaming mouse

    Hi everyone I am looking to buy a good mouse for myself as i find my current mouse to be too small. I am looking to specifically try gaming mice as they would be new to me.I will use the mouse to play fps games like metro 2033,rpgs like skyrim along with daily pc use.I have selected these 2...
  20. bssunilreddy

    Happy New Year 2014

    Hi, I wish all TDFians Happy and Prosperous New Year 2014. Thanks & Regards, bavusani
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