1. B

    14th feb gift to your Valentine {don't forget !!}

    hi lads The day is arriving and i am getting nervous day by day seriously mark this date in all kinds of scheduler guys last year i missed it completely this year i am planning a dinner with her and buying a ck perfume for her surprise:shock: hope she is not reading this and what you guys...
  2. Lord073

    CMOS Checksum Error - Deafaults Loaded...Help

    I am getting the CMOS Checksum Error since yesterday morning. It occurs everytime I switch on my PC. Also since the past couple of months my system date and time are displayed incorrectly everytime the PC is turned on after a long duration. Has the CMOS battery depleted? My PC is just 1 year...
  3. D

    [For Sale] Corsair GS 600 SMPS [Under 3 Year Warranty]

    Corsair GS 600 PSU is available for URGENT sale. It has not been used much (used once just to check it after purchasing in my old dual core rig). As now I have purchased laptop instead of upgrading pc, therefore it is of no use for at least another year, postponed my plan of buying pc. Note...
  4. S

    career guidance

    i m from bangalore.. ve done BCA.. . planning to join MCA next year.. i want to know .. the eligibilities to be placed in campus ,,,... please help me
  5. red dragon

    Cheapest possible GSM mobile with good battery

    Hi friends, Please suggest me something according to the thread title. 1.Do not need a.Camera b.GPRS c.dual SIM 2.Need a.something with best possible battery b.preferably expandable memory and a basic music player. c.Must have one year warranty. Budget-As less as...
  6. V

    Help my final year project

    Hi! I am doing my final year in the department of Information Technology. Unfortunately i was forced to do this project but I have no idea what it is about. The project concept: For example, consider X college is conducting a symposium in 2009. It has a website which details the competition...
  7. pramudit

    New year celebration

    So how did you celebrate your new year...? Please share your experience..... I did it by playing counter strike with my clan....... :mrgreen:
  8. Kev.Ved

    Which antivirus do you use?

    2012 is here! Which antivirus is protecting your computer this year? I'm for Kaspersky Internet Security 2012.
  9. thetechfreak

    Happy New Year 2012!

    Hello guys. Today is the last day of 2011 . As the old year passes and new year passes we all be inviting it with happiness and joy! Hope you guys have a great 2012 ahead :D Happy New Year!
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