1. krishnandu.sarkar

    Subho Nababarsha - 1422

    Not sure how many Bengali's are here, but still Subho Nababarsha 1422 (Happy New Year) to all of you :) If I'm not wrong, Happy New Year to all Assamese people too.
  2. D

    Career in programming

    Being a mechanical engineer and ending up doing some crappy job which i absolutely hate i want to shift my path to programming. Coding is not a joke i know but will 1 year of hard work can get me a job. Atleast i will love what i am doing though i have never code before.
  3. G

    Laptop For College(Computer Science)

    Guys i'm now going to enter college(writing board exams now). And i want to ask you two questions, 1.Should i buy a laptop now or buy one after finishing the first year. I have this doubt because few of my friends recommended me to wait saying i wouldn't need a laptop for most of the first...
  4. ratul

    [URGENT] Fresh Passport HELP!!!

    I might need to go in about a month, so i have read numerous blog posts, comments and psk website for a fresh passport application, and i think the only way to get a passport in this duration is Tatkal scheme. I tried applying for a passport last year, but exhausted all my appointments missing...
  5. ico

    Altaf Raja

    hmm every year there comes a week where I only listen to Altaf Raja. dunno why this happens. Does this happen with anybody else?
  6. T

    Android PC suite for Linux as final year project

    Hello digitians, This is my last semester of B.Tech degree and although its not final but I've been thinking of building a Android PC suite for Linux as my final year project. This I've figured that it must use adb or fastboot to communicate to android. The UI will be build using pyqt. My...
  7. $hadow

    Happy New Year

    Well since we are going towards the end of another year. A great year in terms of tech and development. Hope to see some more great advancement in the year 2015. So all I have to wish you all is HAPPY NEW YEAR Party hard but also sensibly and do not drink and drive. Enjoy...
  8. harshilsharma63

    Analyze Your 2014's Year Resolutions

    So guys, if you remember I started a thread to submit your year resolutions for 2014- * So the time has come to analyze your resolutions. Did you make it? Did you not? Post honestly what were you successful at and for what...
  9. Skyh3ck

    How to hide or cover Gap in your Resume !!! and get a job

    Hello guys I always wonder at what level a person can go to get a job. Many people leave job for any reason mainly being to start their own business, or family problem. now if the business works its ok, but when it does not say after spending around 1 to 2 year or more than that, and you go...
  10. akhilc47

    How to sell my 1.5 year old lumia 720....

    Hi, I'm planning to upgrade my L720 to OPO (hopefully I'll get an invite :\) and I need to sell my 1.5 year old lumia 720. It doesn't have any issues now and I have the box and charger. I never used the shitty headset and can't find it now. I bought it for 15.8k from amazon. I've never sold a...
  11. P

    Offer - 1 year Free Web Hosting

    Get 1 year free unlimited web hosting at Total Web Hosting Solutions, Domains, Shared Linux Hosting, WordPress Hosting & Reseller Hosting - HostingFever (Only first 10 customers). Register for 30 days free trial and then raise a ticket to claim the 1 year hosting. Hurry up! Grab it now.
  12. Flash

    Game Awards 2014

    So, the list is out for 2014 and the winners are. . · Game of the Year Dragon Age: Inquisition (BioWare/Electronic Arts) · Best Family Game Mario Kart 8 (Nintendo EAD/Nintendo) · Best Shooter Far Cry 4 · Best Performance Trey Parker as Various Voices...
  13. setanjan123

    btech confusion

    Guys i was wondering how much programming part is there in WBUT syllabus in IT stream. Im just in 1st year. I knw in 2nd year there is C. But is there java,sql etc or that is in CSE? What is the main diff b/w CSE and IT when it comes down to programming?
  14. .jRay.

    MS in US with backlogs

    So it's like this. I didn't do well during the first 2 years on engineering, and as a result i have 5 backlogs. I really could've done much much better but i was overconfident at that point. Now that i know it's value its too late. I want to pursue MS in Mechanical Engineering from the US. I...
  15. amruth kiran

    Weight loss query

    Well I guess some of us know how it feels to have a semi pot belly sticking out as we game on for hours together.. I've always been "big" , genes I guess but currently am 6'1" and weigh 90kgs approx. My trials with jogging or running or yoga and even the gym have all been a short term course and...
  16. Skyh3ck

    B. com graduate with 9 year exp in business operation, is CCNA or moving to IT a good idea ??? help

    hello friends i am first class commerece graduate in the year 2004 from mumbai university, after my graduation i joined a computer institute as a trainer for office application, interenet, windows os and MSCIT courses. i worked for 2 year as a trainer later for more money i joined citigroup as...
  17. S

    What to do after in this situation?

    I'd scored 51% in my 10th(cbse) standard and after 11th i got admission in 12th (vocational in automobile engg.) standard to a gov. CBSE school. I'd passed my 12th board exam successfully but faild in maths subject. Since i had 6 subject( 1)Maths, 2) Engg. science, 3) Applied physics, 4)...
  18. Desmond

    UK decriminalises Internet Piracy

    Is this good or bad?
  19. S

    Help Choosing an SSD

    Hi Guys, I want to buy an SSD of 120/128 GB Capacity & preferably one with 5 year Warranty. Budget is max 5,500 Please recommend Thanks!
  20. G

    Evolution of the storage devices.

    One thing I’ve learned over the years about Flash drives is that the word crazy is just not crazy enough there. You’ll see the most insane of gadgets popping up every year and this year too, we have seen products which make you go whoaa! First in the list is definitely Kingston’s 1TB...
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