1. toad_frog09

    Titanfall sale. Worth a buy?

    So origin has Titanfall up at sale at 50% discount. I haven't played that game before, but I enjoy first person shooter multiplayer games. I read the reviews for the game and even though the critics have rated it on the higher level at around 8.5-9, the users believe that it is just above...
  2. P

    Sony Xperia Z1 Compact for 30k

    Hi, The Xperia Z1 compact is under 30k on flipkart. But since it's a year old now and there probably could be new launches in the next 2 months, is it still worth buying for 30k? Or is the Xperia ZR a better value for money at 20k? Thanks.
  3. A

    Need help about lenovo z510 i7 model..!

    I am getting z510 i7 model at 55500 at flipkart after discount. Yesterday I went to chennai but all authorised do stores said that the y510 and z510 have been discontinued now. I even confirmed it from delhi and kolkata dealers. So is it worth to buy it now also. Because I only have flipkart...
  4. M

    is 16000 for a 24 inch monitor high price?

    I would like to get BenqEW2440L it costs 16000 locally it's not IPS panel it's VA.Is it worth the price.
  5. M

    Is it worth to spend the extra 1000 INR to get product locally

    Snapdeal and flipkart does not ship to my location.But Infibeam does but their online reputation is poor tons of complaints.If you are buying a 15000 worth product is it worth to spend an extra 1000 to get it locally to avoid the headache.
  6. K

    Moto G still worth a dekko or Mi3 all the way?

    Hi everyone! Been an incredibly long time since I last posted/commented on Digit forum. :-D Anyway, better late than never.:-D Now coming to the point, is the hyped Moto G still a smartphone that can hold its ground against the likes of the Xiaomi Mi3 and Asus Zenfone 6? One of the main reasons...
  7. Cyberghost

    X-Plane 10 Global

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dLy5D3QQk2I This game is released in steam for $59.99. Anyone bought the game Is it worth it.
  8. A

    [For Sale] want to sell my Rs. 2078 Flipkart wallet balance for Rs. 2000

    I want to sell my flipkart wallet balance worth of Rs. 2078 for Rs. 2000 Please let me know if anyone is interested thanks - - - Updated - - - This account have Rs. 400 off on Rs. 1599 which will expire on 11 th July so you can buy worth of Rs. 2478 for Rs. 2000 let me know if you are...
  9. A

    Upgrading GTX 580 to GTX 780/780 Ti worth it now

    hi, Upgrading GTX 580 to GTX 780/780 Ti worth it now help me guys.
  10. 1

    Advice: Lumia 720 Lumia 630 or the Moto G

    Hi all Digitians, I am on the look out for a new smart phone in the 10-15k range. My priorities are as follows 1. Good Durability 2.Battery life 3. Reliability 4. After Sales 5.Music 6.File sharing 7.Documents. I am planning to use the phone for about 1-1.5 years and then plan to...
  11. H2O

    Is it worth selling Nokia Lumia 520 for Moto-E?

    I bought Nokia Lumai 520 around eight odd months ago and while I am relatively satisfied with it, the lack of good apps being released quickly can certainly be an issue. No Android phone was close to Lumia 520 in terms of vfm them but after looking at Moto E's specs and reviews, I am very...
  12. angie

    Earbuds near 2k (2014)

    Hi Guys, My Soundmagic earbuds (In-ear headphones) gave in today. The left earpiece stopped working. Last time that happened was under warranty, so I had them replaced. Worked for about 1.5 years+. Can you suggest me some good earbuds (preferably non-chinese) near 2k. Can go upto 3k if it...
  13. K

    is HTC DESIRE 816 worth buying?

    So finally HTC desire 816 is going to be available in India from 30th may. ( source : http://www.themobilestore.in/mobiles-tablet/htc-desire-816/p-31103-61034245521-cat.html#variant_id=31103-80125666145 ) i am planning to buy this smartphone and my main usage will media,gaming and...
  14. M

    Upgrade from GTX 770 to GTX 780 TI.. Worth it presently?

    Is it worth for me to upgrade my GTX 770 to 780 TI.. I have a 1080p monitor..Might upgrade to 1600p.. or should I wait for Maxwell GTX 880?
  15. S

    Apple Ipad - Air - Should i wait for new release ?

    Hi, My friend in Japan got some reward points to spend (50k). So planning to get a ipad Air. Is there any new refresh coming up in the ipad Air line up ? Is it worth to go for the ipad Air with Cellular connectivity. I own a Nexus 7C tab and i know it is pretty worth the price. I want to feel...
  16. G

    Is Samsung's Stay New Offer good?

    Hello, to all of you. Actually, I want to ask you about the Samsung's Stay New offer, where a person can buy some highend phones of Samsung with just zero down payment and can pay the amount in emi's.I want to know Is it worth if somebody wants to buy a handset like Note 3, as I have seen Note 3...
  17. D

    Should I buy a laptop?

    I own a desktop computer, pretty old core2duo. Although it is solving all my purpose till date, I want to buy a laptop just to use it in my bed. Is it worth it? P.S I work in an IT company and will use the laptop for browsing/Work.
  18. arnabbiswasalsodeep

    Is the LG L90 worth it?

    Is the phone really worth? It has knock code and latest version of Android KitKat Also the display is 235dpi whereas mine is 240dpi so not much difference I am thinking to buy this later but will it provide me community support like source code from LG so i can compile cyanogenmod from source?
  19. the great one

    Asus fonepad

    Hi there I am about to buy asus fonepad7 2013 for abt 14k appx. I want to the reviews of the tab , from those who hav used it Also I want to is it worth spending 14K on asus Kindly rply quickly thank you......
  20. animes_d

    Nexus 7 vs Asus Fonepad 7

    I liked the review of Nexus 7 but I can't afford the new 3G 2013 version, so I'm considering Asus Fonepad 7 with 3G and 5mp camera. Will it worth my money or should i stick to nexus with wifi version only.
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