1. A

    Sparkle 9600 GT worth the money ?

    Can anyone tell me if buyin a XFX 9400 GT used for 1 year at 1.5k is a good deal or not?? I know its a weak card, but is it worth the money??? Sorry for hijackin the thread i tried a lotta times creating a new one.. its not working for some reason... :(
  2. Empirial

    Motorola Milestone XT720

    Hello, Futurebazaar.com & ebay.in are selling this phone for around 26k. Is it worth buying? Thankyou
  3. RaptorX

    Help Selecting New AMD Motherboard

    Hi, I will be buying my new rig very soon this month. I need a decent IGP for the time being since I will buy a good graphics card after 4-5 months. I found these 3 models by looking up some older topics: Biostar TA785G3 HD 4.5k GIGABYTE GA-MA785GMT-US2H 4.5k Gigabyte GA-880GM-UD2H 4.5k (I...
  4. giprabu

    Suggest me a good hdd health monitoring s/w...

    even if its not a freeware, no probs.. but it shud be worth..
  5. S

    Mobile Quick Charger

    I would like to buy a travel mobile charger . I found this "Mobile Quick Charger" in shopping.thinkdigit.com . Is this worth buying ? THis is my first post in thinkdigit
  6. T

    suggest me a nice HDTV

    i want to buy a nice TV. here are some of the requirements:- full hd reqd usb port for playing movies screen size 42"-56" or even more :-p budget around 40-65k i would also prefer if it has dlna/upnp feature. though not absolute requirement is led worth the extra money? are the...
  7. Empirial

    Is LG GD900 Crystal worth considering?

    Hi, Is LG GD900 Crystal for 24k worth buying? Ya I know that many would prefer buying Nokia N97, HTC Legend for that price. According to you what are the pros & cons of this device. Thankyou.
  8. saurabh_1e

    nooob cousin

    my cousin wants a new pc she even don't know how to turn on a rig her father bought a second hand pc which is just a crap p4 zebronics board ata hdd non working cd rom now she wants a new pc what should i suggest her 1)use the old one till she gets perfect 2)a new amd based rig...
  9. bajaj151

    Worth buying Dell Inspiron 15R Laptop (T540506IN8)

    I am planning to buy a new laptop withing 2-3 days. My Purpose: Watching Movies, Music & Surfing (NO GAMING) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Is Dell™ Inspiron 15R New Laptop (T540506IN8) worth buying....if not...please suggest...
  10. A

    V3242AU compaq problems

    are v 3242 au laptops realy worth it.what can b done to improve their performance and reliability
  11. W

    Is PS2 worth buying right now ?

    1. Is PS2 worth buying right now ? in what ways 2. Good Graphics ? There are still games getting released for this console.. but are they good enough.. i mean bearable graphics... ? similar to a GeForce 5 series PC gaming experience ?
  12. bajaj151

    Worth buying i7 ??

    Presently, I am on P4 3.0ghz and want to upgrade my system. I am thinking of upgrading to i7. Is it worth upgrading as I am not into gaming at all. Also tell me..Is capturing screen video..good config is required ???
  13. koolbuddy92

    Digital P&S camera under Rs.7000

    I've decided to buy a digital camera under Rs.7000 After going through a few digit issues, I chose Samsung ES55 out of the list. Is it worth the money? Please help by providing your suggestions. I can extend the budget to a maximum of Rs.7500.
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