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Is Samsung's Stay New Offer good?

to all of you.
Actually, I want to ask you about the Samsung's Stay New offer, where a person can buy some highend phones of Samsung with just zero down payment and can pay the amount in emi's.I want to know Is it worth if somebody wants to buy a handset like Note 3, as I have seen Note 3 on most online stores costs around Rs.43000, and in this scheme with zero down payment, the effective price of the Note 3 will be Rs.50023, with the emi of around Rs.2800, so please guys tell Is it worth to buy with this offer? or not?Hope to see reply soon.
Thank You.


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EMI is always worth it if you don't wanna invest the cash at a time, but I don't like paying interests. It simply is your choice. I don't understand what kind of replies you are looking for here!
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