Suggestions about house Wiring & switches......


1. Which electrical wire, switches brand is the best for house wiring?
2. How many Amps & gauge wire should i use for Light tube, Fans & heavy equipment ie. window AC & Induction CookTops?
3. Is MCB or something like that necessary in house if so which brand should i prefer?
4. Any other tips or guide about wiring & buying materials will be greatly welcome?

Country - India (The voltage in India is 220 Volts, alternating at 50 cycles per second.)

Plz friends tell me so i can buy good quality material to give to an electrician (who will do wiring in my house) & won't get tricked by shopkeeper or electrician.

Appliances In House
5 fans, 8 tubes, 1 Washing machine, 1 Freeze, 1 Induction CookTop, 1 Oven, 2 1.5Tn Window AC, 1 2 year old (High end) PC, 2 TV's (1 CRT & 1 LED), 1 food Processor
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