Confused between O General Window Ac 1.5 ton and Hitachi Summer Qc 1.5 ton,


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Hello guys,

I want to buy window ac for my home and i want to buy 1.5 ton window ac. I Have selected two Brands

1. O general AXGT18AATH 1.5 ton 2 Star window ac
2. Hitachi RAV518HUD 1.5 Ton 5 Star window ac.

Guys Please help me to choose the best window ac i am going to buy in a day or two. which is more energy effiecient and more silent ac.. and which cost less on electricity bills?:lol:


O General is best.
It will chill space earlier and shut it off or adjust temperature to 25ºC approximately to get automatic working of unit.

Only this AC works best in hot summer days.


I have used Hitachi QC model and believe me its worst and now I am using General after selling Hitachi and can say that if you want an AC which cools then none other than General :)

I lost quite a big amount in just one year (selling Hitachi) but its worth an investment.


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Thanks guys for your suggestions .......Finally i have bought a O General window ac 1.5 ton ...and it will be fitted in my room in a day or two.....:):lol:


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I use ACs from both companies at home
Havent faced any issues with either
My o-general has lasted me 19 years now ,even added a remote kit to it
My hitachi is around 12 years old
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