Help me choose 5 star Window AC...


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I would like to buy a 1.5 ton window AC for my bedroom.I would like a 5 Star AC.

I have come down to Hitachi's Summer QC and the LG L-CRESCENT PLUS.

I am very impressed with the features of the Hitachi, but read on the net that Hitachi serice is very poor and they hassle customers.There is unavailability of spare parts and sometimes ACs come with manufacturing defects.Is this True? I live in Kolkata.Does anyone have such experience.

What about the LG as it conforms to the BEE 2014 ratings,does it have the same cooling and efficiency of the Hitachi model? Do they have good service?

Please let me know asap.

What about inverter ACs with the safe efficiency and saving as these two models? Are they really worth it?

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Inverter AC s are super worth it. They return very low electricity bills, I use an Inverter AC from Sharp for 12Hrs a day and the maximum Ive paid till now is Rs 1350, previously my 5 star Hitachi easily raked up Rs 2900/3600. Its huge savings wise.5 star ACs are absolutely bull$h/# . You either buy an Inverter or a 3 star and save the money.
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