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  1. A

    wierd issue with vaio laptop

    hi, wierd issue with vaio laptop, cant explain so posting a video link. Video - TinyPic - Free Image Hosting, Photo Sharing & Video Hosting please help me
  2. D

    wierd problem

    Hey guys im getting a really wierd problem my pc automatically shuts down after 15 sec from booting. or when it is in idle the wierd part is, if i open a game like san andreas or nfs it doesnt shut down even if i play fir 2 hrs Any idea ?? My config is pentium e2180 Ms 7525 mobo...
  3. T

    MSI 9800GTX+ trouble

    i have 9800gtx+ (from MSI) i shutdownd my pc (without any problem) and when i restarted i got these ultra wierd screens (from booting up till windows desktop) i mean i was hardly able to recognize whats going on but the windows booted normally....after that i got start up recovery error.....i...
  4. max_demon

    Why My thread automatically gets deleated ?

    Anyone else facing this problem ? is that DIgit forum bug ? or Mods are doing their work ? IT is Wierd!
  5. R

    Seriously Wierd Problem (plz Help)

    I am running windows xp on an intel4 cpu 2.66ghz 480 ram but recently a wierd problem has come up whenever i play a game on my pc it switches off completely in the middle of the game after 18mins or so everytime it also switches off when i try to save more than 20mb of clip after working on...
  6. coolchop

    Wierd Problem with DVD Writer

    Hi Troubleshooters, I was using LG's DVD Writer since last 1.5 years with my Seagate 40 GB IDE HDD. It was and it is working seamlessly with that HDD. Recently I've purchased a new Seagate IDE HDD @160 GB. Since I've started using this HDD, am facing a wierd problem. Althogh I am able to boot...
  7. gary4gar

    End of Life of my 3yrs old machine?

    My 3year old desky is seems giving up its strulle to live. now every now then i am presented with wierd issues. 1) i can't install arch Linux on it, i get some wierd error related to libata, perhaps sata port is fying slowing but windows is still working without issues. 2) the sceen is...
  8. K

    Frivolous law suits?

    http://tinyurl.com/64pn4q Haven't seen something this wierd in a long time
  9. K

    Drum Lessons, South Delhi

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone knew where i can learn to play the drums in south delhi. I tried googling it, but all i got was a "school of symphony" which was in dwarka(WAYYYYY to far) and some wierd guy called "Pepi/papi" with a mobile number that didn't work. Anyone know someone?
  10. mayanks_098

    Super mod...a 66 fan cabby

    Man!!.Its a cabinet made of 66! fans. what you have to say now.got any more wierd mod than this?
  11. bikdel

    how to determine clock speed of GFX card?

    well actually it should have been how to determine memory speed of GFX card..:D i actually wanted to know exzactly what frequency RAM chips were used to make my card... its an FX 5200, 128 MB with HYNIX chips......:rolleyes: that was to know the safe limit upto which i can OC the.ram in the...
  12. iMav

    Wierd Internet Problem

    for the past few days iv been facing this wierd problem my isp is sify: now the problem is that after i shut down pc for a few hours and then turn it on again and try to connect to the net the dialler logs in but no page is displayed in any browser now im usually in vista now to rectify this...
  13. S

    Is it a Virus?

    I have been getting a wierd problem...Whenever i plug in my pen drive and right click,in the context menu i have been getting wierd symbols instead of the usual "open" and "open with". Also,after using my the pend drive first time in my new system,whenever i start my system,My Documents also...
  14. MysticDews

    Midpoint Ellipse

    I need the source code in C (using Turbo C)to implement the Midpoint Ellipse Drawing Algorithm... I tried writing it myself, but instead of ellipses, i m getting some wierd shapes...:confused: Please help if possible... Thnks in advance..
  15. spyder

    A wierd problem.(Probably virus or hardware problem)

    In a friend's computer I saw this wierd problem. It is an ATI board.(1 IDE port , & SATA support, so probably 945,could be D101). Now there is some software ATI Catalyst control Centre, which handles d onboard 128MB graphix card. Now when the computer starts ,it shows an error that CLI.exe...
  16. A

    wierd noise

    I own a Acer TM 4152NLCi SInce past few days, whenever I press any on the lower keyboard keys like m, space bar etc I hear a wierd noise from below the keypad something like tak tak, its not the normal tapping noise but something louder from below it i guess near the speakers. any ideas...
  17. N

    help wierd upload!

    help!! it is wierd i recently got some virus in my pc, probably norton fixed it on its own showing some stupid messages, but from that day my net became so slow now i formatted windows drive and tried everything again it is agion slow wen i looked carefully the bytes for uploading are going...
  18. anispace

    wierd triband problem

    I have a wierd problem. After switching on the router the conn and everything being fine, i can browse any site. But after some time if i open any new site i get an 'server not found error' although i can browse the current site perfectly.even the ongoing downloads will be fine.:confused:. any...
  19. Dipen01

    Some Virus/Trojan Problem...Wierd..!!!

    Hello, I am experiencing something wierd with my PC these days. All the Folders of all my drives contain 3 icons 1) Winzip_temp.exe 2) Folder.htt 3) desktop.ini Well i havent even installed Winzip ever still whats this happening. Even Winzip stays in PC's active memory all the...
  20. mario_pant

    is this a virus???

    hey guys... help me out.... i get this starnge message on the login screen evrytime i start my PC.. configeration: 1.6GHz P4 Processor Win XP Home SP2 ------------------------------------ and also my norton has been acting wierd.... nothing is available in it... and it does not start...
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