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is my laptop battery gonna oldie????

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i have bought a HCL laptop just 16 months before & now my problem is that my laptop LI-ON battery is not working at all. it's just giving me up only 13 mintes backup after even being recharged 100% but, just a few days before it was giving me a gud tiume period of 1hr & 45 min & i really don't know that suddenly wat had happend to it??? can any 1 of u plzz tell me up that, actually wat u guys think happened to my laptop battery & can u tell me tha price for which i got a new original HCL laptop battery.

plzz reply soon
it's very urgent.


r u sure u r charging it to 100%?

Wikipedia said:
However, a battery stored inside a poorly ventilated laptop may be subject to a prolonged exposure to much higher temperatures than 25 °C, which will significantly shorten its life.


u mit wan2 take it to d service center to get a replacement or @ least get it checked


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just check the bios and/or software for battery calibration. it'll be better. but after 16 months don't expect it to give much backup.


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From my experience ..

Charge battery to 100%, then disconnect power, use laptop by battery power, allow it to come like 10 or 15%, then recharge again - like that.

By doing that, the battery charge - discharge cycle will be complete and it will give more life to battery. If you connect to power always and does not allow battery to discharge, it will affect battery life.

Now, coming to your problem. Yes it seems time to change your battery. I am using Thinkpad lappy, 2-3 yr old. The battery worked fine till last month, like 3.5 Hrs backup or so. This month it was like not much backup, discharge is very irregular etc. So I changed battery and it is perfect again.

16 months does not matter. The number of charge - discharge cycles matter. If you use it extensively, then I think its time to change battery. Anyway consult with the lappy service centre before you buy new.


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yeah, if u basically use it on AC always its better to charge the battery and keep it aside to prolong its battery life.

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thankx for ur replies frd's......
but it's very unusal to have just 13 minutes as a backup.....coz i'm ma professional student & don't think of taking that boring charger always with me...

can anyone of u ....plzz tell me the price for original HCL laptop battery????
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