1. S

    urgent help pc screwed up

    My 500gb partion drive with windows 7 is pretty fcked up. Whenever i tried to log in it goes to temp profile. I have tried lot of things like editing registry for my profile but no use. I tried to install windows 7 on it again using upgrade option but it says my files are on different partion...
  2. T

    best under 2k

    helo guyz just wana buy a speaker for my laptop, so whats the best available under 2k?? thanq
  3. V

    android mini pc for tv

    I wana buy an adroid mini stick to connect to my 40 hd tv so which ones better my budget is upto15000
  4. A

    List all HD monitor Tv

    :smile: hello to all buddies. As there is a lot of questions from my friends regarding Full HD Tv + monitors . Coz they dont wana external TV tuner cards. i dont wana suggest anything without asking u people. So guys List all the 22-24 inch LED allrounders from any brand here with price...
  5. drazzzt1c

    Help me choose a TFT

    Ok, so currently I am using a Samsung 943NWX model 19' TFT. I wana upgrade to another model bcs of sum problems with it.. It is still in warranty n is workin f9 after the repair but still i wana replace it... The models i saw were of samsung only,And i liked The P2350 model,A 23'' model Full...
  6. sujoyp

    Inel 865 hdd support

    Hello friends ...I want to know if my Intel 865gvhz motherboard can support two 320 gb hdd's i.e. 640gb....coz i already have a 320 gb sata plugged in and wana connect one more... Help needed...Thanks Plzzz answer needed quickely as i am gonna purchase it today itself
  7. A

    help needed on the following issue

    hey guys 1.i have seen many installer with modded icon like a setup of firefox which has the face of shahrukh khan.....plzzz tell me how is it possible coz i wana make some portable application so wana put my logo on them 2.plz can anyone tell me the name of any software or batch file which...
  8. A

    need to know about GUARDIAN

    hi i just lost my n 95 v30 now i just wana know that i have purchased guardian platinum version through paypal and i wana know is it comes with hard reset protection like they are providing with s60 v2??? *www.guardian-mobile.com/
  9. A

    set of problem regarding movie editing Operating systems, Application Software, Syste

    hi guys i have movies which are taken by my n 95 n they are in mp4 format...now i wana edit them like cut some scenes and then add some effect to them like sound/video effect etc and them join them into 1 big clips i wana know the best software for it but plz they should not be hi fi 1.i...
  10. A

    set of questions regarding n 95

    hi guys i have n 95 classic i wana know these things 1.it has gps so how i can use it....i wana see how to go from one place to other via map like shown in ad 2.is it possible to see original web page in n 95 3. apart from camera and dual slider and music what else is special in this...
  11. A

    how to organize folder in vista like xp

    hi frnds i wana know how to organize my folders and files in vista like in xp i wana files to be arranged in groups and in types like mp3 in one group in pics in other
  12. A

    lots of question regarding windows+hdd+video

    hi guys i have so many question to ask so i am combining them here my system is c2d 6750 2.66 g33 mobo ram 4 gb(dynet)(2X2) hdd is of 250 gb window xp sp3 1.when ever i am trying to boot my computer is safe mode it started loading but while loading some file gone missing or else type of error...
  13. S

    Where can i get Graphics card in mumbai

    I wana buy new graphics card can any1 tell me shop in mumbai where i can buy card directly.I went to some shops in thane but they didnt had the card,so they told me that i will have to give them half price of money advacne then they will pre order and give me in 2 days.But i wana buy directly...
  14. A

    set of problems..plz help

    hi guys i have some problems so instead of posting each in different topic i am combining in one only 1.i wana make my start->all programs list look less clutterd as i wana make some entry in that like dvd and when i click on it.it should contain all the software which i installed for...
  15. reddick

    Suggest an Wi-Fi router

    Hello Bro! I have an basic pc with following config: AMD 2000+ XP ASUS Mobo 512MB RAM 40 GB HDD Sony DVD Writer No graphics card WinXP Pro as OS I wana wi-fi router for my system.I don't know much about how wi-fi works,it's qualities,about range,etc. Please provide some info...
  16. 100.dx

    I Wana Buy A New UPS Suggest Me please

    hiiiiiii buddies, few days ago my ups damaged dew to electric intrupption now he is totaly out of order.i m thinkg 2 buy a new one . i had su kam ups but i was not happy with its performence it's back up was only 5-10 mins please suggest me buddies a good ups and cheaper...
  17. 100.dx

    How TO Create This DVD...

    hey i wana create a dvd contain xp and 98 both how can i create it pls help me i know tht its possible i c a cd contain 7 xp and one 98 version hows this possible even i wana add only 2 op systems and wana make bootable
  18. saurabh kakkar

    How to flip the video

    hi i have made some videos from Sony Cybershot but the problem is that some of the videos r flipped So I wana know how can i flip the videos to the left or right

    firewall installation help!

    hi frnds I wnt to install firewall in xp pack2. i am using p2p software bittorent with opera. i wana know....does firewall block or slow the connection of p2p?
  20. 100.dx

    what is the price of nokia3230

    anyone can tell me what is the price of nokia 3230 now a days i wana sell my nokia 3110c i buy it before 2month 5 sept. i m selling my nokia 3110c used only 2months in very low rate 3500/-. plz tell me any1 here wana buy i m frm bikaner raj. tell me price of nokia 3230
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