1. R

    Need Opinions as i have changed my decision to wait and buy 7850.

    As the title suggests, I have changed my mind to wait for 7850 prices to come down and would rather buy a cheaper card to suit my needs. 1. Which Power Supply do you have? (Be EXACT while naming the company and model) Ans: Huntkey Green power 550w 2. What is your budget? Ans: 10k max...
  2. nikufellow

    [HELP] Any AMD a10 laptops out there yet ?

    My budget for a laptop is 35k+/- 5k am really amazed by the hp g6 2005ax - it is a power house on its own but having seen what trinity a8 can offer at such an affordable prices - i am forced to wait for the a10 models which will be arround 38-40k ,i assume, and will be more future proof . So...
  3. samudragupta

    motorola razr maxx vs sony xperia s

    Hi friends as the title suggests, i am looking to get a phone by the end of september. I have pretty much made up my mind for the maxx however i would like to know your views as well. Or should i wait for the new xperia range and iphone 5? Budget can be extended to 36k. I know iphone 5 will be...
  4. H

    Amd trinity? Or no

    Hey I need a processor for gaming mostly and adobe after effects so shall I wait for amd trinity or shall I get Ivy i5 3450 or I7 2600 sandy
  5. F

    F&D: Fenda Audio F6000. Require feedback!

    Hi everyone! I was out in the market for a 5.1 audio system which had a volume control on the subwoofer and also a wireless remote controller. The budget was a constraint since this is being installed in a clinic with 2 speakers for 2 rooms and centre channel for waiting area. Only casual music...
  6. prophet

    Wait for the Google Nexus Tablet or buy now?

    I am looking forward to buy a tablet within a budget of 10k, I ve heard a lot about the new google nexus tablet by asus which should be a tad more than my range should i wait for it because its a steal for the rumoured price or buy a micromax funbook I'll be using it mostly for ebooks, movies...
  7. karthik55859

    gk104 or wait for gk110

    hi guys,i am looking to buy a nvdia gtx680 but i have googled with some interesting information that nvidia is prepping up a another superfast card codenamed gk110 with nvidia gtx 685 branding to that...the rumored specs looks impressive....and it will be launched somewhere between august and...
  8. I

    XPS l5 L521x VS HP 7010tx

    Hey so I just have a few questions about these laptops: Dell XPS L521X(Foto en details dunne Dell XPS 15 met Gorilla Glass verschenen | Core | Tweakers.net Nieuws) btw, this link is in Dutch. you'll need to translate it in Chrome And HP Dv6 7010tx (HP Pavilion dv6-7010tx Entertainment...
  9. bajaj151

    Graphics Card for 1920*1080

    Resolution : 1920*1080 Should RUN games (Full Settings) : COD, NFS , FIFA etc. Budget : 12K (Can extend, if worth spending more) Is 6850 or 6870 sufficient OR Should I wait for prices to fall ? ?
  10. 5fusion

    xperia p price?

    when is the new xperia lineup getting launched in india? what will be the expected price of xperia P? will it be worth it to wait for it or shall i go with htc sensation now.
  11. Vishnupg45

    New pc build. Sandy bridge or wait for ivy bridge?

    Hi I currently have selected i5 2500 non-k processor with dh67cl mobo and 4 gb ram. The question now is that shall I wait for ivybridge at the same pricing range or just buy the config within a week? I will be using the pc for playing games at 720p resolution and mostly for studying, entertainment.
  12. A_ashish_A

    Should I wait??

    Hello everyone Ok I have a gtx560 non ti gpu.. but now I want to upgrade it. My budget its around 20k. I m thinking to get either 6790 or 6950. Now I want to know will ati launch any 7000 series gpu within 20k range?? If yes till when?? If this happens in near future then I ll like to wait...
  13. L

    Gaming Pc Buying

    Hi Guys I just need a lil help as i want to assemble a gaming pc and wanna know whether i shld wait for ivy bridge or shld i go for sandy bridge as the pc peripherals prices are high now so shld i wait or go ahead with SB.Please help and thanks in advance
  14. A

    Sony Xperia Arc Or Arc S

    Simple Question Can I buy Sony Xperia Arc @ 20k or wait for Arc S price to come down ?
  15. A

    Ivy Bridge processors Release date

    there is news on the internet that the 3rd Gen Intel Processors will be launched in early april ( some sources says that its 8 th april ),my questions are 1.how much time will it take to reach the consumer hands in india after the release. 2.i can wait maximum till the end of april,so is...
  16. S

    Need Suggestion for buying laptop

    I m planning to buy a laptop (dell xps 15) with i7,1080p display,etc.. But i read on some website that intel ivy bridge is coming in april. Should i wait for ivy bridge or buy laptop now..i m concerned about prices. Will they rise or remain almost same??
  17. bajaj151

    Graphics Card : Wait or Buy

    Budget : 10K max. Should I wait more for 7xxx series or buy 6xxx series card ?
  18. dhan_shh

    "Got a New Mango.....htc radar"

    Hi all, After taking a small risk of selling my beloved iPhone 4(1year and 1month old) and heavy battery hungry SGSII,I bought 'htc radar' for 23.2K! Looks smooth,breezy,great display,easy customization......!(wait...wait...any new phone always look good...!)...
  19. socrates

    Why do people wait in line for iPhones?

    I did something this week that I've never done before: I camped out on the sidewalk all night waiting in line for the new iPhone. Elgan: Why do people wait in line for iPhones? - Computerworld :razz:
  20. M

    Is Razer Orca worth the money..??

    hello.. am getting a price quote of about 3.3k for an Orca.. is it really the worth or shall i wait for the Razer electra to be released in october.. only free suggestions appreciated..!
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