F&D: Fenda Audio F6000. Require feedback!


Right off the assembly line
Hi everyone! I was out in the market for a 5.1 audio system which had a volume control on the subwoofer and also a wireless remote controller. The budget was a constraint since this is being installed in a clinic with 2 speakers for 2 rooms and centre channel for waiting area. Only casual music will be played, hence didn't wanna spend much.
Since the Fenda F6000 met all my requirements, I ordered it.
I have read some fantastic things about it, but it does have it's share of critics.
If someone owns this set of speakers, please fill me in on your experiences.
I have anyway ordered it online, and i have to wait for a week till it ships, hence it will be fun to read about it in a dedicated thread. Will make the wait more exciting!
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