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Graphics Card for 1920*1080

Resolution : 1920*1080

Should RUN games (Full Settings) : COD, NFS , FIFA etc.

Budget : 12K (Can extend, if worth spending more)

Is 6850 or 6870 sufficient OR Should I wait for prices to fall ? ?


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HD 7850 is faster. Consumes less power. Current generation. Overclocks more - if you care. You get 2 GB of memory by default.


7850 is more or less rightly priced ATM.
Dont bother much about the price downfall in next 2-3 months.
It wont be any thing like drastic!


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Will there be any price fall in 1-2 months ?

In india its really hard to predict or even anticipate price drops. US price changes also reflect here but after a while. Currently 7850 has no competition and 560-ti is last gen as pointed by ico and isn't recommended now considering its higher power requirements and relative lower performance.

660-ti and 660 from nvidia are the real competitors of 7870 and 7850 respectively but those cards are a couple of months away or even more. Until these show up in indian soil, i don't think 7850 will undergo any price drop anytime soon.

So 15k is a fair price considering lack of competition so its a no brainer to grab a 7850. Its far more efficient and offers better performance per watt than 560-ti.


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The gigabyte is the fastest considering the clocks, but has some fan related issues. The best would be sapphire dual fan edition, but its not factory overclocked. Though you can always manually overclock it if you have such a nice cooler :)


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i am not talking about sapphire .. i have used sapphire 6950 before

i was asking about mdcomputers.in

Oh my mistake mate. Yeah md is a very reputed shop in kolkata and they had ventured into online path recently. You can pm our forum member cilus for more info on them.

He had purchased a lot of components from them. From what i have heard from him, md is very good.


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Sapphire for sure. Get it, overclock it, enjoy it :-D. Heard that gigabyte one had some noise problems, but I m not sure...
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