1. A

    defrag ????

    i have w2k .... & 20 gb hdd .... Defrag-ing takes a very long time .... how 2 speed it up ???? & prevent it from stopping in between the process ????? so that i can switch off my monitor & wait till it is over .... nahi to everytime i switch it on, it is either paused or aborted ......
  2. nishantv2003

    Best time for AMD

    hi guyes, i want to ask few things 1. iam selling my old computer ,it is 2.6 months old specification as follows- PROSSOR-AMD DURON 850MHZ MOTHERBOARD-VIA RAM-128MB HDD-20GB[7200RPM] SONY CD WRITER 32MB VIDEO CARD[S3 SAVAGE4] MONITOR-LG 563N KEYBOARD-INTEX MM MOUSE-INTEX OPTICAL...
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