1. Ironman

    Should i wait for AMD 9000 Series?

    Should i wait for AMD GPU 9000 or buy a 7950 now ?? i can do without a gpu for a few months but not for very long !!:-D advice ??
  2. digit i am thinking

    Xperia L vs Xperia M ?

    Xperia L and M both have almost same h/w specs(L has 8M cam and M has 5M cam) Xperia M is expected to launch this month at abt 19,000 to 20,000 INR.(that's more than L). I want to ask is it worth to wait for xperia M? What is advantage of M over L (except dual SIM) Which one to buy? :confused:
  3. RohanM

    Nexus 4, Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 get Android 4.3 today

    Wow, superb news, no need to wait for even a day... :-)8-) Source
  4. B

    Should i upgrade my GPU or wait for next gen cards?

    Ok i have 7850 2 gb card and its running all the recent games at max detail and even crysis 3 at almost max at 1080p. Should i upgrade my card to 7970 or something to play nxt gen games like watch dogs, Bf4 at max? Or should i wait couple of months if new cards are coming by that time?
  5. P

    Micromax Canvas 4 Launch

    Hi guys, Does anybody know when the new Micromax Canvas will be launched? And what are the system specs we are about to see in Canvas?Are they gonna be a mid-price range phones just like Canvas HD? And most importantly,are they worth the wait..Just give me any information you have on Canvas 4...
  6. R

    Is it worth waiting for Haswell?

    When are the 4th Gen Intel processors hitting the Indian market? I'm currently going for AMD FX8350 with ASUS Motherboard M5A97 EVO R2.0. Due to some financial issues and I'll not be able to make the purchase of the processor and MoBo before the end of June. Will the Next Gen Intel Processors...
  7. A

    upgrade now or wait for next gen gpu?

    hey guys iam about to buy a graphic card that is gtx 660 but now my frnds says that new 700 series is comming ,so should i wait for that or should i buy now ?? BUDGET- 15k. and if i should buy now sugest me a good gpu at that price. thanks
  8. Desmond

    Wolfenstein The New Order

    Looks like Bethesda is on a roll. Bethesda tweeted the following pic : Source : *twitter.com/Bethblog/status/331408513068847105 They also explained that Bethesda Dev Studios are not working on it, so perhaps it something they are going to publish. We can only wait and...
  9. H

    help me (about lumia 920)

    am totally confused so please help me first i want to buy a highend smart phone i like the lumia 800:oops: very much but it is out dated so now it is lumia 920 should i buy l920 now or wait until price drop (because iwill be very upset if nokia drops its price after i purchase:|) is...
  10. V

    Best 23k phone to buy immediately....[Urgent Help Needed]

    Hi friends,I need to buy a phone within 15th of this month.I can't wait more than that.So Please suggest me the best phone in this category.I can extend my budget to a maximum of. 25k. Not more than that. My Primary uses: Gaming HD Video Playback Camera I have shortlisted Lenovo K860 and LG...
  11. M

    used galaxy s2 or xperia l

    Frends this is my first post on tdf. So please ignore my mistakes. Ok here is my question, i am going to buy a phone soon. My budget is around 15-17 k. I am getting used galaxy s2 for 15000 with 5 month warrenty. So please please suggest me whether i should buy s2 or wait for xperia l.i just...
  12. K

    Should I buy lg l9 or wait for xperia l

    Hey guys I have a budget of 15k for buying mobile...from other threads I think lg l9 is best for my needs as well as little customisation ....but now I am in confusion that should I buy lg l9 from hs18 or should I wait for xperia l....also am getting a used galaxy s2 for 14k without...
  13. R

    Need help buying mobile under 20000

    Well my budget is under 20000 i can do 2-3 thousand up also My first priority is gaming and web browing,rest all just not neccesory till now i thaught of some upcoming mobiles like HTC E1,Galaxy Express,Lumia 720,Xperia L.i can wait till half of month of april if anyone of this get...
  14. F

    BlackBerry Q10

    I am just waiting for Blackberry Q10 with bated breath and I believe it has the potential to change the company's future. What do you think? Five reasons you should wait for Blackberry Q10
  15. S

    what to buy

    I am a serious gammer in this summur i am planing to buy a new console what should i buy xbox or ps3 or psvita or wait for ps4
  16. josin

    Android under 36k

    Guys my budget is around 36k and I am interested in android only. size and form factor is not important to me. should I wait for s4? Or nexus 4
  17. E

    Waitaing for full HD phablet

    Hey guys as you know htc launched j butterfly,its full hd 1080p phablet for japan.i was going to buy note on my birthday but i read the news of launch of j butterfly.so my question to you guys is should i wait for full hd phablets or go for note ?if i have to wait then how much time will i have...
  18. I

    Best laptop in 70k range, also should i wait till diwali?

    Hello, It's been a long time searching for a laptop and finally i am here. The specs that i need are 15.6 inch FULL HD, high res, Backlit screen Backlit keyboard with numpad(must) 3rd gen core i7 8GB or more RAM 500GB+hard disk 2gb high end graphic card between nvidia/amd(whichever u suggest)...
  19. kool

    ►► is it worth to buy "MICROMAX A100" for 10k or should i wait for any other ANDROID mobile?

    Guys, Today i checked mobile store, and loved its big screen size, amazing phone at this price. It looks so expensive. ;) Good for show off. Getting MMX A100 for Rs.9800. Can i buy this, or should i wait for any other brand ? I've heard that MMX are going to launch DUAL CORE mobile...
  20. R

    new laptop:Should i wait till diwali?

    i'm planning on buying a new laptop under rs 37000 for photoshop, rendering and gaming(Assasins creed brotherhood, COD, GTA 4 etc.) most probably this one: HP Pavilion G6-2005AX Laptop (APU Quad Core A8/ 4GB/ 500GB/ Win7 HB/ 1.5GB Graph): Flipkart.com: Compare, Review HP Notebook 8-)8-)...
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