Ivy Bridge processors Release date


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there is news on the internet that the 3rd Gen Intel Processors will be launched in early april ( some sources says that its 8 th april ),my questions are

1.how much time will it take to reach the consumer hands in india after the release.

2.i can wait maximum till the end of april,so is it wise to buy intel 2600 k or shall i wait for 3rd gen ivy bridge.(my work is mostly still animation and rendering)

3 will it be right to buy the processor soon after its realease?or shall i wait for the reviewers comments.


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1. It takes around 1 month or so.
2. Its your call ivybridge won't be giving enormous gain in performance. I read somewhere that it would give 20-30% boost. Also prices are unknown.

3. As soon as product is released there are reviews so no need to worry about this as when you are waiting for the product to come in market there would be lots of reviews to read.
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