1. T

    Euro 2016

    Who will be the winner of EURO 2016? My vote goes to Spain.
  2. Nerevarine

    Yuphoria Vs Redmi 2

    Need to order one asap for a friend, please vote and mention why it is better.. My budget is Rs 8k
  3. Zangetsu

    Post your Favorite Sports Car here

    All The Cars That Go 200 MPH Source: All The Cars That Go 200 MPH Do vote for your favorite car and share its details here.
  4. ico

    best keygen music

    my vote goes to the first one in this. j1yiPXHujDQ
  5. ankush28

    Automobile Engineering vs. Mechatronics?

    In a dilemma, I like both subjects... Mechatronics is relatively new in college as well as MU. Which one should I take for a better future? Just vote in poll or give detailed pros cons if you have any Thanks.
  6. RBX

    Requesting vote for Digit/TP-LINK contest

    A competition is being held in which top three entries get TP-LINK routers. I feel bad about inboxing friends for votes, and unfortunately people outside India can't vote on this. So, if you have a Facebook account, consider voting for my entry
  7. Nanducob

    FIFA 2014 - Which Team Do Yo Support?

    Hi, Just 3 days remaining and I like to know Digit forum user's favourite teams. Thanks: p Please vote
  8. Sarath

    Vote count '14. How many of you didn't vote & why?

    As the topic says who all here haven't voted and what are your reasons for it, good or bad.
  9. quan chi

    Vote count. How many of you voted. 18+ only.

    Indian general election, 2014 This thread is dedicated to keep a track of how many TDF members have voted.:-D No political bash here just post here to confirm that you have voted & from which area. No other details required.:) Optional : It would be better if we follow in order eg if...
  10. S

    All about voting India - Election 2014 - Do you Bother ?

    Do you really want to change the govt and want revolution in INDIA? Ans is vote !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [ OR Face UPA -3 (APOCALYPSE) ] LIFT up YOUR A$$ RIGHT NOW and ask/search nearby Municipal office or collectorate office to make a Voter Id CARD and add your name in voter-list of...
  11. omega44-xt

    IPL 6 thread.

    Vote for your favourite team
  12. rhitwick

    Vote for best image hosting service

    Guys, I'm looking for a good image hosting service. Flickr is good but I've reached the limit. Then there is Picasa, which I'm not liking and Microsoft SkyDrive too provides options for hosting images. BUT, Picasa and Skydrive are not actually very user friendly. So, I'm looking for...
  13. N

    Vote for ye'r favorite comic book character!

    Inspired from Man of Steel trailer #2 and thread to make a poll. Here's it. Vote for it. If ye'r fave not in the hot 10 (mostly 9), post it then. I prefer Batman in DC/Marvel universe but as a whole Tony's really funny! Happy comic-in', folks! EDIT: BTW, Nexus 7 is really badarse for...
  14. Flash


    Vote for your FAVORITES and the Choice is yours!
  15. K

    So Who's ur Favourite Character?????

    We've been entertained a lot by sitcoms u gotta vote the funniest character from various sitcoms....... ...........wat say??
  16. C

    Best Laptop Brands

    What will you suggest as best laptop brand? Among quality,features,support etc... Don't forgot to vote. If you like post some comment about it.
  17. clmlbx

    who wanna buy Galaxy s3?

    All Galaxy s3 haters stay out of this thread. Their is already a thread for it.. I know it has ugly design plus fantastic specs.. there has been a mixed reaction to it so starting a poll to come to an conclusion.. So vote..:twisted:
  18. D

    Guys please vote for me & help me win...thanx a lot..

    Hey guys i have participated in the Micromax Logo redesign contest at talenthouse india. You can view my entries here- LOGO . Please vote for me & help me win. You can vote by logging in using Facebook... Thanx a lot..
  19. Freedom.Forever

    Poll: The most ugliest laptop brand.

    Which laptop, do you think is the ugliest of the following brands. If you think of none as ugly then vote for the least good looking laptops. Please consider the appearence only. following points may be considered: 1. Color 2. Building Material 3. Surface (glossy or otherwise) 4...
  20. D

    Vote for the best...

    Hi, I am confused between these 2 handsets. Please vote which you think is better, and it would be great If you could post what factor/s was responsible for not selecting the second one. Thankx.
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