Automobile Engineering vs. Mechatronics?

Which subject should I select?

  • Automobile Engineering

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  • Mechatronics

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In a dilemma, I like both subjects... Mechatronics is relatively new in college as well as MU. Which one should I take for a better future? Just vote in poll or give detailed pros cons if you have any
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In my opinion Automobile Engineering has broad field thus have lots opportunities of good and successful career ahead. Mechatronics has less scope so it will look for the best and have lower job opportunities than Automobile Engineering.


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Take mechanical since auto mobile is fairly compact stream and mechanical provide a better scope.


I would have gone for Automobile Engineering as it focusses on the sole aspect of Automobiles. It makes the student focussed on only one thing. Mechatronics has more than one field to focus on. If the student is further pursuing higher studies, he would be clear in his approach in which field he will do MTech or MS .
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